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Thread: Zc 2.50 rc3

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    I had my first experience playing a version other than 1.90 today. I am generally testing forward compatibility of the quests I have made and am making and I noticed a few things that don't seem right.

    -general choppiness. it seems this thing is a bit weighed down with code within code. I have watched a lot of videos of newer games and I always thought the frantic and spastic execution of moves was inherent in the video software, but I now believe it is just the program itself. it isn't fluid like 1.90 was.

    -I reach up much better than I reach down (and pick the...) and hitting enemies has changed A LOT. guys two tiles above are easy to hit with the sword, but guys one tile below are hard to hit with the sword. this can be seen as a feature, sure, but as an automatic conversion it changes the gameplay by default a bit too much. in what i believe is a related issue, one of the sections of HowHigh is unreachable in 2.5(3) because it required the player to place a bomb downward and hit a combo that destroyed a house. I suspect it was two tiles down and can no longer be reached. these types of changes may even be "fixes," but they break old workarounds to problems that may not have appeared to be problems.

    -octorock shots got through objects. they used to bounce to gone upon hitting trees and rocks and the likes, but now they keep going until they hit the hero or the edge of the screen. I figure there is a way to fix this stuff, but I also think every effort to adhere to the rules that the quest was written for should be made so quests are forward compatible but play as they did in previous versions. the way enemies act has changed; even if the changes are for the better, it can ruin compatibility when they default to actions different than they used to. I hope that makes sense.

    I'm sure I will see more that I will question, but my major point is that I think 2.5x should recognize which build a quest was made in and treat it accordingly whenever possible so old quests don't become impossible to complete. thanks for reading this and wish me luck with learning to use these newer versions.
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