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Thread: In need of BS Zelda tiles, sprites, and pallets(Possibly boss help.)

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    In need of BS Zelda tiles, sprites, and pallets(Possibly boss help.)

    Hey there Zelda fans.

    I have a quest in mind, but I need the sprites, tiles, and pallets from the BS Zelda game. I would use the ones from the quest that came in the recent version, but as you probably already know, that is locked down with a password.

    So, is there an already setup one I can download that has all that stuff already available? Cause I imagine trying to create that on your own from scratch would take a lot of time, and I'd like to save myself the time and trouble if a download for it already exists, so if it does, could you give me the link to it?(Possibly the password to access the already made quest, but that's pushing it probably.)

    The possible help with the boss would be this, are there any bosses the teleport and take decent damage before being killed? I know Ganon is a teleporter, and I know there is a custom Wizrobe that you need the mirror shield, but is there a way to make a custom one to take tons of damage? Cause a boss I have in mind won't exactly feel right using the mirror shield on him.

    If you guys can help, that would be great, I already know the basics and stuff for Zelda Classic, I just need help with the tiles, sprites and pallets.

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    Please allow me to direct your attention to:

    [EDIT -- the site was down, but now it's back up]

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    it's down again, and i need to get there, is there any other place i can go?

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