I have an idea for another ZC related contest thing. This was an idea I got from "Famitsu's 100 Top Games List".

It's simple. I imagined it as each month, people submit their quests* and the first 10 entered get added to a poll. The poll is open for a month, and people select the quest they would most like to see complete. I was thinking about having the option of voting for more than one quest, but I dunno. After the month it up, the 10 quests would be posted in order. This would be left up, and the submissions would go on for next week. You can enter the same quest again, and again, but you must enter it each time. Quests will be added on a first post-first add basis. I might have the option for people to "nominate" other people's quests, but they would need permission from the author. These are all just some ideas, and any feedback it welcome. I'd like to try it out, at least once (maybe a trial would only last a week though). I just think it would be interesting for people to see how anticipated their work is. This is not meant to hurt anyone's feelings, or make them feel bad. It is meant to do what real game publishers go through, and get some MAD REP on your work. Or not. If this goes through, I can set up more official guidelines. As it stands, it will be similar to SotW ad far as posting and submissions.

* Not an actual .qst file. You would submit the name of your quest, and a brief description. Possibly a screenshot. Anything you feel would promote your quest. No demos though. It would provide an unfair advantage to anyone who doesn't want to release a demo.

.... AND, there aren't any rules against organizing this type of thing unofficially, right