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Thread: June 2008 - Adventure of Link

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    June 2008 - Adventure of Link

    Adventure of Link
    ** and a half (2.5 stars)

    (reviewed by Russ)

    Quick stats:

    Gameplay: 5/10. Was somewhat boring at parts.
    General design: 8/10. Pretty good design throughout.
    Overworld design: 8/10. Faithful to the original.
    Dungeon design: 7/10. One again, stays faithful to the orginal.
    Music: 4/10. It mainly uses soft rock. Although it starts out good, the songs get boring after a while.
    Storyline: 1/10. Edited AoL story that made it more like Zelda 1. Boring.
    Graphics: 7/10. BS graphics were use well.
    Bosses: 4/10. They lacked any form of excitement.
    Misc: 10/10. Just for how well it followed the original.
    Overall: 54/100.

    In depth:
    The quest is a faithful ZC recreation of the second Zelda game. The overworld is extremely similar, and the dungeons have the exact same shape. Much effort was put in to make it like the original.

    Sadly, maybe it was too much effort. The enemies in the dungeon are very repeitive, do to being the same as in Zelda II, and there are no puzzles whatsoever.

    The overworld, however, did turn out quite well. It has the same shape as the original Zelda II overworld, and is fun to play through.

    Item upgrades, left out from Zelda II, are present here. However, they are far too easy to obtain, as they are found inside shops in town.

    Overall, if you have played Zelda II and want a walk down memory lane, play this quest. If you want to play a new and exciting quest, stay away from here.
    Play The Darkness Within, my newest ZC Quest! Download here:

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    Re: June 2008 - Adventure of Link

    Looks good. I'll set up the nominations now.

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