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Thread: Zelda Classic 2.11 Beta 12

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    Re: Zelda Classic 2.11 Beta 12

    Quote Originally Posted by franpa View Post
    don't forget to change the "sbig = 0" line to "sbig = 1"
    Okay, doing what _L_ suggested and changing sbig to 1 made a big difference. At 800 x 600 it's a notable difference and a more enjoyable playing size although it still doesn't appear to be a full 800 x 600. Also, that full screen effect comes into play again which is fine, but if you ever want to leave Zelda Classic you have to save and quit, it doesn't allow you command-tab away or interact with anything else.

    Also, the 1024 x 768 runs bigger than it did before but still smaller than the 800 x 600 setting.

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    Re: Zelda Classic 2.11 Beta 12

    Quote Originally Posted by Stecchino View Post
    You referring to Terminal? And if so, I have no idea how to use it, but I'll try to search and see how I can use those commands to change the size.

    Rakki, I found this article from MacWorld, here's an excerpt:

    Set scaling per application
    To change only a given applications scale factor, you just need to use a modified version of the above command. iTunes, for instance, can be scaled down with this command (quit iTunes first):

    defaults write AppleDisplayScaleFactor .75

    When you launch iTunes, youll see the shrunken window as in my screenshot aboveassuming youre using the mini controller. But its not just the mini controller thats been scaled down; every iTunes window, along with its menus, is now at 75 percent of normal size. The only tricky part about setting application-specific scaling is determining the portion of the command. You need to find out what each application names its preferences.
    The key here being that it doesn't appear Zelda Classic uses a traditional preferences file (.plist). "Info.plist" is in Zelda Classic package contents -> Contents but that wouldn't seem to work.

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