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Thread: NeoFirst forum

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    NeoFirst forum

    ShadowTiger is running the show here, me and DN will just be watching. This forum will be used for the planning and discussion of NeoFirst. Please DO NOT use Beta Discussion for this purpose. All applicable threads have been moved to this forum. I hope that the resulting quest will be worthy of the Zelda Classic name. Good luck :)
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    Re: NeoFirst forum

    I love you jman. :p (And you too, DN. SB. Eckels, War Lord, ... ... ... Wubu all, hail ZC, forever, ...)

    Alright, first things first. Forum Guidelines.

    Neofirst's Planning Forum Rules:

    • Gravedigging:

    There more than likely won't be any need to warn anyone for gravedigging. My personal believe is that quests are never truly finished, and there is always room for improvement. If you have something you believe to be useful to say, then the thread is open to you to reply to. Please, by all means, post your opinions! They're important to all of us! However, you'll need to post them in the right thread. Thus:
    • Post In The Correct Location:

    I ask that you please stick to the topic at hand. You can deviate slightly to discuss something only slightly related to the topic, but really, please, do stick to the topic at hand. This forum's entire purpose is to organize information and store it for reference. It needs to be efficient in design wherever possible. If people begin to go off topic, the forum's very purpose becomes moot.
    • Back Opinions With Reasons:

    Ponder this statement for a moment:
    "I think this area should be a lava area."
    Now consider the following sentence:
    "I think this area should be a lava area because the player will be fresh out of a watery area, and it'll provide a nice contrast to the player's experience at that point."
    Hopefully the difference is obvious. The more reasons you provide for your opinions, the more likely they are to be implemented as a useful opinion. You're all intelligent; you can come up with a few extra sentences backing your opinions.

    And, with that done, straight to business. My first though is that we're going to be needing a tileset with which to work with soon. Indeed, fairly soon. I'm still deciding on whether we should make things a little bit simpler and design the quest around the tileset, or design the tileset around the quest. Should we do the latter, the quest may become infinitely complex, or as complex as anyone would wish. We can do anything as complex as necessary, thanks to Dark Nation and jman's unsurpassed skills. Should we choose the former, the quest can be as "simple" as necessary. (Though skill accommodating anything new we should decide upon.)

    I'll go check up on the polls and threads again ASAP.

    EDIT: (Much, much later.) Just putting up a little slogan. :)

    "Forged in Power,
    Hardened by Courage,
    and Tempered with Wisdom"

    DN About ~NeoFirst~

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