I've downloaded the grabber-w.exe from Alphadawg's site so I can edit my sfx.dat file, but he only has the .exe available. When I click the Help menu, I get an "Error reading grabber.txt"

The help text isn't on Alphadawg's site, and I tried to Google 'sfx.dat grabber.txt' but came up with nothing. If anyone knows a place to download the grabber.txt file, or a tut on how to use it, I'd be much obliged...

(I'd rather just read the help file than annoy everyone on the forum with questions about the sfx grabber... :) )

Nevermind, guys... I figured it out!

I made a cool new Secret sound in Fruity Loops and added it to a new .dat file. Took me forever to figure out the notes for the Secret sound. If anyone's interested and wants to make thier own Secret sound with a custom instrument, here's what I came up with (it sounds pretty close to the notes of the original):

Use 8th notes at a tempo of 230 bpm.
E6, B5, A#5, G#5, E5, G#5, B5, F6

I recommend using a high-pitched instrument, otherwise you'll have to set the octave higher and that might distort your sound.