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Thread: Some Retro-Arcade Game Quests for 2.54

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    Some Retro-Arcade Game Quests for 2.54

    I decided to make some retro / arcade style games, to test out 2.54 features.

    Here are some vieeos, and links:


    Quest File

    Requires: ZC 2.54, Alpha 33

    I've created about half of the physics engine. Some angles are not complete, and there's still some weird block reflection, but it otherwise is working.

    When done, it'll be super-easy for anyone to go in, edit the quest, and create a custom layout of brick patterns. Bricks are created by placing combos on layers 1 and 2 of screens (so that you can overlap the top eight, and bottom eight pixels). From there, when the screen loads, the actual layers are hidden, and npcs are spawned that act as bricks.

    All game objects use actual ZC objects (bricks are npcs, powerups are items, the vaus is an ffc, the ball is an lweapon), so it's easy to modify things to suit your needs using only the editor.

    Zelda Classic, Atari Style

    Quest File

    Requires: ZC 2.54, Alpha 33

    I created this to test using GetPixel() to create a simple, solid pixel map for single-pixel solidity/collision; to make these old arcade-style games.

    Technically, this is intended to look more like a Z80 system game (e.g., ZX Spectrum, ColecoVision, old arcade machine, old 8-bit computer), but it could also easily look like an old Atari game.

    I think my goal is somewhere in-between Berzerk, and Adventure II.

    This playable demo allows you to try out the collision engine, which is extremely precise.

    I'll add in some game objects, enemies, and player weapons, when I have the time, and the desire to muck with it.

    Perhaps something like this for an 'overworld', with dungeons as above.

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