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08-26-2017, 12:32 AM
I've mentioned this in the past, but I have not gone into deep detail on how I intend these things to work, and there is active participationon this template now, so I may as well put up some remarks:

Here is the first major assets package, a WIP, for a Template Quest, or a future 'Module' for ZQuest, with a Zelda 3 style:

Zelda 3 Template GitHub Repo (https://github.com/ZoriaRPG/Zelda3.zh)

At present, I am assembling the resources, produced by a variety of users, some of whom are involved in the project itself, and we have some helper staff now. The general plan is in the Readme.md (https://github.com/ZoriaRPG/Zelda3.zh/blob/master/README.md)[/b] file, and if anyone is interested in participating, feel free to volunteer.

My end goal is to have template quests, or modules, for all of the following:

Clean Non-Infringing Assets (ZQ Default for 2.60)
Classic (Z1, 1st-5th quests)
BS Zelda (with scripted npcs, bosses, room layouts, and some kind of implementation of the timerevents system)
FDS Zelda (Japanese, with FDS Sounds, Loading Screens, and other goodies.)
Zelda 3 (without scrolling)
Gameboy Zelda
RPG (Dragon Quest)
RPG (Ys)
RPG (Final Fantasy)
Sidescrolling (various)

While I did start the GB pack much earlier than the Z3 pack, I'm giving the Z3 pack priority at present. This will likely go through seven layers of hell, in recoding, refactoring, and converting scripts, merging assets, and doing things that might be quite tedious. When we have npc scripts working, I will be converting all of these ghost scripts to the new format.

Likewise, as we add things such as a messaging system, some of the obscene methods can be replaced by new stuff. I plan to implement some intra-npc and intra-boss communication pipes with other npcs, bosses, and weapons. The end result should be, ideally, something for which the user need never do any set-up, nor have any need to inspect the scripts/code. It should be as click-and-use friendly as ZQuest is naturally.

Feel free to have a look. if you use Git, and want to participate, that would be fantastic. If you want to send file dumps, that is also fine. I expect that there will be very little in the way of volunteers for working on the project here, but well, you never know, until you try.

I have not posted this on Pure, as I want to avoid the slew of requests, and the complaints about Z3 scrolling. While that may be possible in the future--based on what changes we make to mapdata--I am certainly not in a mindset to consider it for the present.