View Full Version : [Bugs/Problems] Merging Gleeok's Changes from 'master'

12-08-2016, 07:36 AM

I went ahead and merged the script drawing from 'master' to see if it works, and things are not working as intended.

DrawTileArray draws junk tiles, only at 0x* 0y
DrawComboArray draws nothing
DrawPixelArray draws nothing

All three use the wrong size value: the number of indices input for sdci[2] is off by +1, so this floods allegro.log with array size errors. Changing the size parameter, to arrsize-1 eliminates the array bounds overflow, but that doesn't cure the problem.

DrawPixelArray causes stack issues, and it trips up the drawing buffer.

I merged this from master, including the things from Script_Drawing.h, and such. I didn't write these, so it might be good if you checked out my merges, to see if I missed anything.

After the merges, DrawString crashes ZC. The other function revisions to match the changes to Scrip_tDrawing.h likely will do the same.

The edits and refactoring to Script_Drawing.z either aren't properly merged (I used the new DrawString, Triangle3D, and such) or don't work at all.

Source Files:


Some Allegro.log output:

OTOH, I did a bang up job with DrawBitmapEx: Have a gander at it. All of its modes work as stacked flags, and I might try merging the ag4.4 drawing routines into 4.2 to see if they will work.

Beta 7 is stable, as it predates the merging of Script_Drawing.h. You may want it, to do a diff: