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12-01-2016, 02:00 PM
Should I be building 2.50.x or master (I'm still not clear on the difference? master is a rewrite-in-progress, if I understand correctly?)

Are there instructions somewhere on the dependencies needed to build the source?

I see an MSVC2008 project file; are there project files for MSVC2010 or 2015/16? Are there any plans to deprecate 2008 support and switch to 64-bit C++11?

I see some discussion on GitHub about switching to CMake. That sounds like a good idea -- what is the current status of this?

Sorry for all of the noob questions -- I've been out of the loop for a while. Feel free to just point me to a FAQ to read if my questions are answered there.

12-01-2016, 02:08 PM
2.50.x is probably what you want for now. The 'master' branch is the WIP toward 2.54/2.55. I'm pretty sure that some of the additions in 'master' won't compile as-is. The global symbols table for ffscript is incomplete, and some functions are also incomplete. Even if it compiles, it might just crash outright, or if you try to do anything related to the new bitmap usage.

The 'master' branch is not yet the rewrite though. It just has a bunch of new drawing functions, expanded use of bitmaps for the user, and some general cleanup. Both have some AS hooks, but I don't think anything uses them. All the AS npc-script code that Saffith was working on was purged at one point. As I recall, it had severe performance issues, or something like that.


There are no project files for VS versions newer than 2010, and IDK if the 2010 files work properly. I'm pretty sure that 64 bit c++11 would have issues, and I know with certainty that Allegro won't compile on Linux using gcc on/for 64 bit architecture.

I still want/need/have to update Allegro to the absolute latest v4 build. I think it's v4.4.2.

12-01-2016, 07:39 PM
I only work with the trunk and haven't built the 2.50 code in over a year. From the other thread it sounds like 2.50 has the wrong project files in it.

And yes, I use VS 2008 because it is the last VC++ version that doesn't suck, and also because I'm one of those guys that thinks c++11/14 is a big steaming pile of garbage (Yes, we do exist!). :P ..(Also doesn't help that my comp with 2013 died [motherboard], and half the keys on my win10 laptop don't work. :( )