View Full Version : MacOSX 10.11.x : No Right Click

07-31-2016, 03:50 AM
Reported by 'Aquamenus (Facing Right)' on Pure:

I recently updated my Mac from 10.9.something (I think) to 10.11.6. Now, for some reason, when I right-click in ZQuest nothing happens. It just doesn't seem to work anymore!

So if anyone has any clue of how to fix this, that'd be great. Thanks.


This topic is in the appropriate section of the forums, right?


Note that none of my macs will run either 10.11, or 10.9, so I've no way to test this. I also doubt that 10.11 can run in a VM on any of our systems. (My cut-off is 10.6.)

OSX may have changed some things in system prefs, or input handling; or we may need to compile on 10.10 or later and see if it helps.