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03-03-2016, 06:34 AM
Here's the basic roadmap for future 2.xversions, as we see it at present:

2.53: Adds some minor improvements to ZScript, some new features, and a few fixes. This is not the same as 2.50.3: 2.53 quests will not play in 2.50.2, although quests from older 2.x builds should run with no problems. We might get new SCCs in this one. Initial docs provided.

2.53.x: Bugfixes to 2.53.

2.54: Intermediate between 2.53, and 2.55. Probably a fee ZScript things, and bugfixes. Initial new ZScript functions, and ZASm things. Initial work on expanding structs. Code should be mostlyy commented. Docs improvements.

2.54.x: Bugfixes to 2.54.

2.55 Add some major changes, possibly function pointers, and new ZScript classes. Add some of the more complex things, such as the Flag Editor. Code should be fully commented. Expanded docs, and improved. user manuals. Quest templates.

2.56->2.59: Unknown, but probanly incremental changes toward our goals.

2.60: This should represent as many of the things on the To-Do list as possible.

We plan to do 2.53 sometime this year, if possible. No release date is established, but we may have an initial beta in a few months. All other versions have no timeframe as of the writing of this post.
2.61->2.64: Changes toward engine overhauls.

2.65: Future changes that are yet to be considered.

03-03-2016, 08:28 AM
This is not the same as 2.50.3: 2.53 quests will not play in 2.50.2

I propose a compatibility versioning scheme where you have 'version:previous:minor', so for example you'd have and then the next update would be, which, of course, is not to be confused with because that can only play quests from and higher. :P