View Full Version : ZC 2.5X.X Source Now Available

03-01-2016, 06:42 AM
For anyone interested in either reviewing, or contributing toward [ZC 2.future], the 2.5X.X source code (https://github.com/ArmageddonGames/ZeldaClassic/tree/master/2.6%20branch) is now up.

Note that although this is tagged as 2.6, it's more or less 2.50.2, and future version of 2.x numbering will not likely immediately jump to 2.60. That's somewhat reserved, for a major update.

Please see the [2.future] topics here on the subject, if you are either morbidly, or genuinely curious about what we have planned.

As a closing remark, I wish to give my sincerest thanks, and gratitude to Gleeok, for spending the obscene amount of time required to put this package together.