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05-30-2015, 04:24 AM
I'm going to start pushing some inconsistencies in zscript,txt and the associated zscript docs here, so that I file them in one place. SOme of these may be critical, but most will be trivial, starting with:

zscript,txt, line 1175

* Prints a NULL terminated string up to 256 characters from an int array
* containing ASCII data (*ptr) on the specified layer of the current screen,
* using the specified font index (see std.zh for FONT_* list to pass to this method),
* using the specified color as the foreground color
* and background_color as the background color. * NOTE * Use -1 for a transparent background.
* The array pointer should be passed as the argument for '*ptr', ie.
* int string[] = "Example String"; Screen->DrawString(l,x,y,f,c,b_c,fo,o,string);
* int format tells the engine how to format the string. (see std.zh for TF_* list to pass to this method)
* Opacity controls how transparent the message is.
* Values other than OP_OPAQUE and OP_TRANS are currently undefined.
// (Psuedo) 3D drawing
void DrawString( int layer, int x, int y, int font,int color, int background_color,int format, int ptr[], int opacity );

Why does this line exist:

// (Psuedo) 3D drawing

Can we texture strings? There is no arg for a rendering value.

std_constants Line 1083:

// Texture mapping rendering modes. Use with Screen->"Psuedo 3D" or "*3D" drawing routines. ie; Polygon, Quad, or Triangle

3D modes for Polygon, and Triangle, are not in zscript.txt; only 3D Quad. Do these modes exist? In fact, this is the only reference to Polygons in all of the ZScript docs.

06-02-2015, 04:27 AM
Lines 444, to 447:

*** Input Functions ***
* The following Input* boolean values return true if the player is pressing
* the corresponding button, analog stick, or key. Writing to this variable simulates
* the press or release of that referenced button, analog stick, or key.
int LadderY;

This doesn't belong with int LadderY: It should appear below the entry for ladder Y, above Press Functions.

Credit CoolGamer for pointing it out.

06-02-2015, 05:20 AM
Blame gleeok for all this. he probably messed up when he updated the documentation to make it more friendly. Polygons are not implemented.