View Full Version : Keyboard issues on Windows 8

11-08-2014, 04:41 PM
Okay, since I got my new Windows 8 computer a few months back, I've been having trouble with my keyboard in both ZC and ZQuest. The problem is, I have to hit a key on the keyboard upon opening ZC or ZQuest in order to get the keyboard to work. If I click on a mouse button or hit a button on the game pad before hitting a key on the keyboard, it causes the keyboard to not work at all, rendering many features unusable, such as the string editor, the item editor, and the enemy editor. And sometimes, even after I get my keyboard to work with ZC and ZQuest, it still breaks down again somehow.

EDIT: I've also had this issue upon pressing the enter key immediately after launching ZQuest, and worst of all, sometimes I have to reset my computer just to get the keyboard to work again.

03-21-2015, 04:11 AM
Is anybody else having these keyboard issues on Windows 8? Come to think of it now, I'm not too sure what keeps causing my keyboard to break when I use ZC or ZQuest. But this is really a problem. Whenever they keyboard breaks on me, I can't enter new messages or edit existing messages, I can't edit item data, enemy data, certain initialization data, certain screen data, etc. And I can't even enter a name when registering a new file. Also, it prevents me from using the keyboard to jump to a certain file or enter a name for a new file, and it even breaks the hot keys and all that crap.

Not to mention, I'm thinking this is more than likely a Windows 8 specific issue, seeing as some programs don't work too well on Windows 8 for some reason. I never had these problems on Windows XP, Vista, or 7.