View Full Version : Summoning Style: Big Spells or Replacer Characters?

09-20-2013, 09:22 PM
Another general FF discussion here, though it would be applicable considering the scripting capabilities Gleeok is building into FFC.

Anyway, I'm wondering which players prefer, summons that function like dramatic spell effects (FF1-9) or summons that replace members of the party with powerful, temporary characters (FFX-XIII).

I briefly dabbled in RPG Maker with the intent of constructing the latter. Essentially, I recorded all the character's statistics in storage variables and then converted them to the Summon's statistics to create the 'illusion' of spawning a summoned monster. I think this might be even easier to accomplish in FFC because of how characters will be stored.

Anyway... enough rambling. Your thoughts on the topic?

Corollary: Why is it that the Lightning summon changes in EVERY GAME?!?! Well, starting with 8 anyway.

09-25-2013, 02:40 AM
I much prefer 1-9 summons than simply getting a new character onto the field, especially when this makes the party go away, or makes just one member stay (FFXII). That's why I didn't care limits in FFX-2, either.
Have some breathtaking sprite, a wonderful animation and there.

Asuna Yuuki Nagato
01-31-2024, 09:34 PM
I prefer 1-9 summons.