View Full Version : Animating Sword and Arrow Sprites don't work correctly.

06-28-2013, 04:52 PM
Now I'm not sure if this is considered exactly a bug or more of a suggestion, but this feature partially works right, but mostly not.

Basically if you try to animate the Arrow or Sword sprites in the sprite section, it breaks the proper sprites for the Horizontal sprites for the Sword and Arrows plus the Slash sprites for the Sword. The vertical ones will animate just fine though.

So, could we have it implemented for these to be either split like the Hookshot chain sprites are (Horizontal and Vertical separate) or have it so we can use the same setup, but have it allow for more than one tile to be used?

The current setup is 1 Facing Up Sword/Arrow tile and then 1 Facing Right Sword/Arrow tile. I'd like it so you could use the same set up, but just with animation frames. I.e 4 Facing Up Sword/Arrow tiles, then 4 Facing right Sword/Arrow tiles if Animation is 4 frames.