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12-16-2012, 03:43 AM
We've got encounter and monster group data now! Fuck yeah.

Monster Groups are stored as -

An entire Monster Party (or Troop) is stored as a list of monster groups.

An Encounter is a collection of monster troops each with a -
-encounter rate
-max rate
(rates are almost like ratios, eg; 3 : 64, however they can be whatever you want)

Finally an Encounter Region is an abstract idea that inside this region are any number of possible encounters. These are generally a property on a tile, or map, where you'd expect it to tell you what monsters live here.

Here's how it looks so far:

<Troop name="Minotaur(2-4)">
<Monster name="Minotaur" min="2" max="4" />
<Troop name="Piranha(0-2),Crocodile(0-2),Ochu(1),Hydra(0-1)">
<Monster name="Piranha" min="0" max="2" />
<Monster name="Crocodile" min="0" max="2" />
<Monster name="Ochu" min="1" max="1" />
<Monster name="Hydra" min="0" max="1" />
<Troop name="Piranha(2-4),Crocodile(0-2)">
<Monster name="Piranha" min="2" max="4" />
<Monster name="Crocodile" min="0" max="2" />
<Troop name="Tarantula(1-2),Black Widow(0-2),Green Slime(0-1),Gray Ooze(0-1)">
<Monster name="Tarantula" min="1" max="2" />
<Monster name="Black Widow" min="0" max="2" />
<Monster name="Green Slime" min="0" max="1" />
<Monster name="Gray Ooze" min="0" max="1" />

<Region name="Temple of Fiends">
<Encounter troop_index="2" rate="12" max_rate="64" />
<Encounter troop_index="10" rate="12" max_rate="64" />
<Encounter troop_index="8" rate="12" max_rate="64" />
<Encounter troop_index="16" rate="12" max_rate="64" />
<Encounter troop_index="14" rate="6" max_rate="64" />
<Encounter troop_index="7" rate="6" max_rate="64" />
<Encounter troop_index="4" rate="3" max_rate="64" />
<Encounter troop_index="29" rate="1" max_rate="64" />

The entire compressed xml data for these is just under 6 kb so here they are for great justice.

12-19-2012, 06:18 PM
Am I under the correct assumption that the sum of the region's encounter ratios must come to 1:1? Also, would it be better or worse if these ratios were reduced to lowest terms in a creator's script?

12-19-2012, 06:52 PM
Nope.The rates could be anything I guess... though I guess some math is in order then. :googly:

I'm assuming a base encounter probability is a property of a tile, or map, or map tile, ...or property layer of a map, and then when you see that it's time to have an encounter you then figure out what to fight from that list. (I might need to look up how it's handled in FF though.)

I'm still trying to gather the game data and be able to load it, then be able to use it scripts. When that's done I think I will open all scripts and mechanics up to the community so they can be scrutinized. lol.

12-30-2012, 01:12 AM
Got the monster list done. woot. :)

All I need now for enemies are all the monster sprites in a texture atlas with a list of rectangles which correspond to the monster id so I can add that info to the xml document... :\

01-29-2013, 07:30 AM

All 244 formations and 128 monsters can now be loaded/saved/fidgeted with, n' stuff. Here's the Ogre-Creep combination for you nostalgic types. :spin: