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01-04-2009, 06:10 PM
(This is the sequel of BB, even the intro already spoils some things, including part of the ending.)

16 years ago... a crazy wind mage, Vaati was terrorizing Hyrule, turning it into the gruesome Inverted World. Two youngsters, Knil and Myra appeared and after leaving trace at all parts of the Inverted World, they stormed Vaati's Evil Castle (Akumajou Vaati) with the best immortal war equipments. Knil&Myra were in the building for hours, when suddenly people saw Vaati's dreaded castle being engulfed in light, only leaving a cursed land mass behind.
Knil&Myra haven't been seen ever since, but rumour say that they used their immortal equipment to rebuild a certain monolith. Ever since it is called the Monolith of Peace and also the Monolith of Seasons and is respected through far and wide.
Hyrule is now called Ellivenia and is ruled by the Government of Ellivenia. The Eight Powers (Thievery, Religion, Wizardry, Strenght, Construction, Nature, Civilisation and Virtue) are being isolated from each other, everything changes and a mysterious purple clothed mage terrorizes the weak ones.
Nowadays... A mountain girl, Coral is playing on Mt.Dead End and finds the Monolith of Seasons, where a spirit claims that he/she is stuck in the monolith and Coral should find the eight Tetrad Seals to free the spirit and get very rich. Coral gets the power of changing seasons and sets out for what she hates so much: long adventure.

One so true... Coral, I love you! Actually, yes, this quest has a female character. Coral is by no means hero, not even too virtuous. Her actions will be downright different than what you saw in other quests or movies or novels or such.

Season changing is the main thing. Besides that, I try to make everything as unique and new as possible. For example beating the boss of a dungeon isn't the last thing to do in it, after all the dungeons weren't built against Coral and the Tetrad Seals aren't recognized to be any powerful, just rare. Coral uses the items different, too. She won't be able to magically use the Dominion Rod, so she will whack with it, using it as a hammer! :eek: Potions are medications and you can get it only in governmentally approved pharmacies, unless you "know where to search". Bombs are illegal, so you will need to look outside of shops to get it. Coral will have many helpers, including some BB characters. She will frequently chat with the Happy Mask Salesman, see the tears of Myra, err, I mean "Ester", endure the babysitting of Angeal and do more funky things. At least two endings, there will be. There's high freeformness in dungeon order, for first, you can choose between 3 dungeons to beat at first. The parliament will be an important place, too. Sneak in hidden meetings, get in prison or run for being president!

Demo description:
First of all, it's slightly outdated already.
After you go over the intro and beginning scenes, search for the Monolith of Seasons, then after more scenes, you need to find 2 started items, activate an one timed event and see the first place that can have a Tetrad Seal: the wizzrobe dungeon. That's all for now.


Twilight_Knight drew these:
Coral portrait (http://www.freewebs.com/zcpics/coral.png)
Mysterious mage on Monolith (http://www.freewebs.com/zcpics/SBmysteriousmage.png)
Seasoned Blood cover (http://www.freewebs.com/zcpics/SeasonedBloodcover.png) <== from left to right from top to bottom: Dynamo; the Guardian; Angeal; Ester; Coral; Nightshade; Happy Mask Salesman (who lost his hair during these 16 years)

Seasoned Blood demo (http://www.freewebs.com/castchaos/SBDemo1.qst)
Remember, use only 2.10.0! (if it works on your computer, otherwise keep trying others)

Tileset: Radien (DoR2.0), Orion/Marcus (LttP set), Teilyr (CoD), NoeL (TNA, Prophecies)
Loose tiles: Nuvo, Twilight_Knight, AgentLym
Music: vgmusic
Title screen: Dawnlight
Story ideas: Nuvo

Full quest progress:
I'm at the beginning of the first dungeon now, with much more overworld place finished than what is in the demo. In this moment I'm working on NTAEL, but after that, I try to speed up so that you can have a more contentful demo. With all the new additions. The last screen I showed is very recent.

The seasons:
Spring: (Virtue/Nature)
-Increased water level
-Slight rain at higher areas
-Hardly destructible vegetation
-Increased activity of flying lifeforms
-Increased NPC activity on overworlds

Summer: (Strenght/Civilization)
-Lowered water level
-Ice rain above crop fields
-Unbearable heat at very open areas
-Easily destructible vegetation
-Increased number of walkable paths
-Increased number of very hard monsters

Autumn: (Wizardry/Religion)
-Heavy rain at lower areas
-Increased number of agility shortcuts
-Increased number of undeads and ghosts
-Increased power of magic and spirits

Winter: (Thievery/Construction)
-Snowfall all over
-Unbearable cold at very closed overworld areas
-Decreased monster activity
-Decreased number of walkable paths
-Increased NPC activity in settlements

Ebola Zaire - Fashion Hypermarket boss
Angeal - Only goodwilled member of government
Nuvo - Carries over from BB role (golden mail manager) somehow...
Twilight_Knight - Carries over from BB role (red mail manager) somehow...

01-08-2009, 03:38 AM
Interesting...looking forward to this one :)

01-14-2009, 03:15 PM
After a long hiatus, I'm finally back with many things to tell! Let's start with a screen at first.

B1 of Glacier Grand Hall will be much like an ice cave. After all, building of this place is still not finished. The darkness is much more thick here, there's light strictly around light sources. But I made sparkling for some floor parts. Specifically this screen is like this: the right part is the right passage that you will take, if not soon after entering the dungeon, then still before doing much of the thing, while the left part is something that you will see much times if you get lost or imagine to yourself that you have the roc's feather.
I'm thinking of new non-tribble gel and zol graphics there. But I mainly want those to fit remote places of Mt.Dead End and Hylia Swamp at summer.
Now, there's a huge change in SB plans. I realized that I didn't have as big interest in SB as I had in BB. I wanted to tell Knil&Myra's story at all cost. But I considered Coral as an extra. One reason of this is definitely that the story isn't about a child liing with Knil&Myra (or rather say... nevermind). I planned to continue my realistic/organic story, but this "Iris, Carfax, Coral" thing is quite cartoony and sudden. But I will come to. However, something that would have totally killed my interest over time was the extreme "inspiration" taking (=stealing) from official games. I changed these plans of mine to more custom ones. That's why the Guardian isn't the same thing that you knew and hated in Ultima IX with a passion, rather something that originates from Hyrule's past. I change some Zelda things, too: true that three goddesses created the Triforce and Earth, but they never named it as Hyrule. This name only came much, much later when the Triforce was claimed by humans. The reploid story is also my interpretation now: altough Inafune announced that Zero didn't kill Mega Man and Roll, I still keep to my old theory in BB, which includes Zero killing Mega Man, Roll, Rush, etc. and gravely wounding Dr.Wily, who happens to be Dr.Weil later. Only those things change that directly affect future plans, everything that was in BB stays the same of course. I won't rename BB bosses and such.
What this means, expect new twists in SB, IR and GM. Twists, like the Upside Down or Shinra Door scenes in BB. Altough SB isn't about these and IR keeps to the Dark World's secrets, GM will surely full of such things.
With this, I also let more freedom flowing. I recounted my DMap plans and seems like I still have enough DMaps despite there's 2x4 versions of each overworld. I also keep thinking about new graphical candies, like ice shards floating on the top of flowing river.

02-20-2009, 04:32 PM
This quest looks amazing. I can't wait to play it!

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Me too!