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07-22-2008, 05:29 PM
**Note: I'd like to emphasize that this quest has just started actual production on the ingame area developments. The plot and story points have already been predetermined and developed as such. No screen shots yet, but I'm hoping that once I can get a decent basis down for the world map I'll be able to post some here.

Table of Contents
1. Story
1a. Who are the Knights of the Glass?
1b. What does all this have to do with Link?
1c. So where does this game take place in the timeline?
2. Items
2a. Weapons
2b. Equipment
2c. Story-eccentric Items
3. Characters

1. Story
1a. Who are the Knights of the Glass?
-The Knights of the Glass are guardian entities that live in a world unknown to the Hylian population, a world beyond Stained Glass. Yes, Stained Glass. As odd as it may sound, on the other end of a large depiction of the Hero of Time in Stained Glass lies a portal hidden inside the Temple of Time to a world unseen by Hylian eye. A vibrant, colorful world where peace reigned over a population with no idea that a kingdom existed on the other end of a painting inside their shrine.

But, when a dark influence from the Sacred Realm breaks it's binds that imprisoned it there, instead of taking over the land of Hyrule, it seeks out the land beyond the Glass, where a power equal to the Triforce lay dormant.

The guardians of this world are the Knights of the Glass, five powerful warriors who protected this power with their lives. But when the Knights are overthrown and this dark power falls into the grasps of this dark entity, the land beyond the Stained Glass is warped into a dark chaotic place.

Sensing dark powers beyond their control, the three Goddesses, Din, Farore and Nayru, seal this hidden portal beyond the Glass to prevent the evil influence from spreading. But the dark power was too strong, and it broke the binds that held it inside the Stained Glass realm just as it did to it's prison inside the Sacred Realm, and it slowly began to seep out into Hyrule as well.

1b. What does all this have to do with Link?
-This is where Link comes in. Link is the son of a blacksmith, named Fedro. Fedro and Link smithed a majestic blade out of the finest metals Hyrule had to offer, to be presented to the Royal Family as a gift on the one hundred anniversary of the crowning of new Hyrule. Unfortunantly, the dark influence seeped inside Fedro's mineshaft and began to morph the mineshaft into a black tunnel.

When Fedro goes missing on a trip into the mines to recover some more ore, Link begins to worry. When his father is missing for a full day, Link heads down into the mineshaft equipped with nothing more than an iron shield forged by his father. This is where our story begins, as you take control of Link and his adventure inside the mineshaft to find out what happened to Fedro. The story will broaden and eventually, Link will be caught up in the power struggle between the dark entity and the Goddesses, and will spend time in the game traversing both Hyrule and the world beyond the Stained Glass, where he must assemble the five weapons of the Knights and place them in the shrines of the Knights to reform them. Only then, can the Knights attempt to fight back against the evil around them.

1c. So where does this game take place in the timeline?
-This game is placed between two and three hundred years after the events of the Wind Waker. It takes place inside the new Hyrule that Link and Tetra set out to find.

2. Items
*Lists subject to change
2a. Weapons
Forged Blade
Majestic Sabre
Master Sword
Iron Shield
Mirror Shield
Hero's Tunic
Zora's Armour
Goron's Plates
Power Gloves

2b. Equipment
Bow and Arrow
Empty Bottle
Fire Rod
Ice Rod
Lens of Truth
Magic Wand
Roc's Feather/Roc's Cape

2c. Story-eccentric Items
-Weapons of the Knights of the Glass
Haron's Lance
Dayil's Sword
Laguna's Sabre
Iroe's Axe
Pogl's Halberd
-Pieces of the Triforce of Courage

3. Characters
The following characters have been confirmed for appearances thusfar in Knights of the Glass:

Our hero in the game, the boy garbed in green who will be tasked with reassembling the Knights of the Glass and traveling amongst the two worlds of Hyrule and the Stained Glass.

Link's blacksmithing father who goes missing inside his mineshafts early into the game.

==Princess Zelda==
The Hylian princess who resides inside Hyrule Castle with her father, the King.

==The King of Hyrule==
The King of Hyrule who resides inside Hyrule Castle with his daughter, Zelda.

==Dark Entity from the Sacred Realm==
The Dark Entity that escaped from the Sacred Realm who's identity will not be revealed until later in the game.

Ganondorf will make an appearance in this game in some way or another.

==Din, Nayru and Farore==
The three Goddesses who cultivated the land of Hyrule thousands of years ago and formed the Triforce inside the Sacred Realm. They now watch over the new Hyrule found by the Hero of Winds.

Any questions will be answered if asked, and I hope to make this a good ZC game with a mixture of puzzles and action, a good storyline and decent difficulty. This is my first game, so be easy on me.

07-22-2008, 10:24 PM
This is quite innovative; however, a screenshot or two would be nice :) The description is very thorough and clear. Overall, it sounds like it's going to be cool, keep it up!!

07-22-2008, 10:52 PM
This sounds promising. I'll be keeping my eyes on this quest.

How about some screenshots?

07-22-2008, 11:12 PM
He PMed a screenshot of the game:


I'll play it!

07-23-2008, 01:14 AM
As I said, once I get a solid overworld map in place I'll begin to take some screenshots. Things are still early in development.