View Full Version : NeoFirst Tile Shopping List

03-05-2008, 01:28 PM
NeoFirst's tileset is a superset of the Dance of Remembrance 1.0 tileset.

Combo Tiles:
* Cogwheel (Hookshot switch). Animated.
* Windmill (Boomerang switch). Should resemble the windmills in WW and TP.
* Spiderwebs for obstructing log tunnel entrances. (Minish Cap)
* Magic mirror tiles (2x2). For use in Moon Tower.
* Cracked mirror (2x2). For use in Moon Tower.

Item/Weapon Tiles:
* Bomb flower item tile.
* Grass whistle item tile. (Use TP's hawkgrass as a reference, if you must.)
* Bee Smoker item tile. (What do you mean, you don't know?)
* Bee Smoker's smoke tiles. (At least 6 frames, please.)
* Large flat floating sheet-ice tile.
* All-Purpose Bait Bag item tile.
* All-Purpose Bait weapon tile.
* Kill All Enemies tile. (Use your imagination here.)

Link Tiles:
(Actually, don't worry about these yet, as there's a good chance that all of the Link sprites will be remade entirely.)
* Link tile - Link holding onto the branches of that tree during the opening cutscene.
* Link tiles - Link falling into a bottomless pit.

Enemy Tiles:
None so far.

Complex Requests:
* Some tiles, designed for layering, of the Fire Rod (tile 513) rising to the surface of (overworld-style) water, and floating on the surface. Necessary for a scripted event I'm adding to Forest Temple.