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04-09-2007, 01:04 PM
Consult the map (http://www.greyfire.org/~l/NeoHyruleKey.png) to locate most of these dungeons.

Winter Garden 90% complete
L'inverno (Vivaldi)

This is a cave of perpetual winter. There is some floating ice, but, owing to a lack of weather, no snow covering the bare soil. A "secret" entrance to Moon Tower is here.

As the Spirit of Winter possesses an element, various elementals (in this case, of wind) wander around. As the Spirit of Winter is a great fairy, various mischievous fairies are also wandering around.

* The Bee Smoker is used to defeat (or otherwise annoy) enemies in lieu of the sword.
* A Bomb Flower grows in a locked room, to be used in lieu of the bomb bag.
* The Hero's Charm unlocks the Boss Life Meter, but you can skip it if you wish.
* The Deku Stick is the goal item, but it's technically in Moon Tower.

▲ L1 - Forest Temple (tentative name?) 90% complete

Well... the first floor consists of outdoor woodland screens, with two rivers running throughout. Somehow, there's an indoor temple in the floor above (?!), as well as a second tier of woodland. If you swim up the river to its source, you'll reach Zora's Spring, which is where the Spring Element can be collected.

Apparantly, the central boss's tendrils extend through the soil into every screen of this dungeon. (Maybe the amount of Tendril enemies you defeat influences the boss's HP?)

* Eye Statues are apparantly important to whatever this Temple was made to worship. On several occasions they are stabbed to trigger secrets, pushed into holes, and/or exploded. (Are they depictions of the dungeon boss itself?)
* Fairies seem to have taken to dwelling in this dungeon. One of them greets you as you enter, and others come to your assistance during the Enemy Rush.
* Finally, two pushblock puzzles require one to match four colours to the Four Seasons. This knowledge is utilised later in the game when one needs to gather one or more of the Elements.

* The Hookshot is used to cross a few bottomless pits. (Could be replaced with a scripted item?)
* The Candle is used to burn the red trees and dry brambles, and its flame is of assistance in battling the faster-moving Tendrils.
* The Triforce of Courage is the goal item.

* Enemy rush: Tendrils.
* ??? (This boss is damaged with the sword, and evaded by crossing gaps with the hookshot, and possibly burning obstructions to the hookshot points.)

▲ L2 - Stonewater Cavern (or is it Stonewater Grotto?)
2006 plan here! (

This dungeon serves several purposes for several races. To the Subrosians, it is their ore mine, and as such most of the rooms resemble a rough-hewn excavated cave. To the Wizzrobes, however, it is their base of operations, and as such the important rooms (containing Temperature Orbs and/or Treasure Chests) are walled and floored in stone.

It is called Stonewater Cavern because it can assume one of two states: the volcanic state, where "stone becomes water", and the dormant frozen state, where "water becomes stone".

* Treasure chests contain recently-mined ore chunks instead of rupees. Once these are exhausted, you can trade your bombs to a Subrosian miner in exchange for ore chunks.
* The Wizzrobes' magic most commonly manifests itself in the form of magical orbs. Five Temperature Orbs exist in certain screens, and are used to change the state of the dungeon between volcanic and frozen.

* The Stepladder is used to cross single gaps of both lava and water.
* The Deku Leaf is used to cross water (in lieu of the Flippers).
* The Hammer (Ice Hammer?) is used to break rocks and change red Temperature Orbs to blue.
* The Triforce of Power is the goal item.

* Ice Volvagia: A long ice dragon. Damaged by burning its head.
* Imposter Zelda: A warrior lady who thinks she is the Princess Zelda. Homes in on Link. Damaged by bombs. If Link is close enough, uses a hammer attack. Otherwise, uses a charged hammer attack which always stuns Link if he's not in midair.
* Trinexx: A long rock dragon. Appears from the north wall after Imposter Zelda's HP reaches 0 and, while moving south, catches her in its mouth.
* Orb of Chaos (form 1): a 2x2 floating orb containing the chaotic Triforce of Power. Moves randomly. Vulnerable when both escorts are disabled. Damaged by the hammer.
* Red Orb: Moves randomly. Constantly uses either fire-trail attacks, random falling debris attacks, or fireball attacks. Disabled by the hammer.
* Blue Orb: Moves randomly. Constantly uses either ice magic attacks, random falling debris attacks, or sword slash attacks. Disabled by the hammer.
* Orb of Chaos (form 2): a 2x2 floating orb containing the chaotic Triforce of Power. Moves randomly. Vulnerable to the hammer. Constantly uses random falling debris attacks. Lava, water and ice combos hinder the player's movement, requiring the stepladder.

Fort Aquatius

This is an old Zora fortress, now overrun by Octoroks. Water hinders your movement.

* Typical Atlantean motifs, such as fine statues and thick stone blocks.
* Owing to water erosion, the building has fallen into a state of disrepair. Watch out for falling ceiling tiles and weak floors! And don't bomb the load-bearing pillar! (Even if it does cause several pushblocks to fall from the ceiling...)

* The Zora Scale is given by the Zora at the very end.

Sand Labyrinth

A sand-coated stone maze, hidden deep in the Endless Desert. Many assume it is an abandoned, ancient ruin. But is it really correct to assume that a dungeon is abandoned, just because there are no creatures living within its walls?

* It seems as if every brick and tile in this place is infused with the spark of life - as many of them will slide or lunge from their places when you draw near!
* Many statues can be found here. Some of them will, at a certain event, rise and pursue Link. Others will simply monitor and respond to Link's movements.

Amicus Palace 70% complete

This is essentially a re-interpretation of a Zelda Challenge: Outlands (http://www.questforcalatia.net/ZeldaC/index.html) dungeon. It was originally a fairy palace, but since King Dim ruined the world, it has been the residence of yet another Moblin gang. Though, further inside, the Great Fairy still dwells within.

* The favourite decoration of fairies is flowers. As such, many patches of flowers still bloom, even in the musty torchlight.
* Fairies also love water - in particular, fountains.

* Nayru's Love is given to you by the Eight Fairies when you defeat the Wizzrobe Quartet.

* Enemy Rush: Dodongo x 3.
* Wizzrobe Quartet: A 1x1 floating orb, with four Wizzrobes rotating around it. Constantly shoots fireballs. The Wizzrobes are invulnerable until the orb is shattered by the hammer, at which point they are released.
* Enemy Rush: Darknut x 10. When only one Wizzrobe remains, all 10 of the Darknut statues suddenly transform into Darknuts.

Ocean Labyrinth 90% complete
A reinterpretation of Level 1 from Third Quest. Its entrance faces the ocean, and the sounds of the sea can be heard even from its first room.

* The majority of its guards are either Goriyas or skeletons. Is it some kind of pirate lair? Hmm... not really.

* Enemy Rush: Aquamentus Kid x 5.

* A hidden shop sells the Whisp Ring L1 for 205 rupees.
* After beating the boss, you get 20 rupees.
* After beating the boss, you get a Boss Key that unlocks a chest in a room that is only accessible from a hidden stairway elsewhere in the overworld. That chest contains 50 rupees.

Hidden Labyrinth 50% complete

A short dungeon hidden below Wicked Wilds that has been forgotten by the outside world.

* A Magic Container lies in a hidden chest, locked by an equally hidden Boss Key.

04-11-2007, 03:58 PM
I can't wait for neofirst to be completed.

04-25-2007, 03:58 PM
Could I make one of the optional dungeons? If I could, I would like to have the Lakeside Labrinth.

05-07-2007, 03:44 PM
Okay then, I'll try writing out a description of the dungeon I want to design.
Lakeside Labyrinth
Themes: The dungeon is old, and apparently hasn't seen permanant inhabitants in a long time. The only enemies will be Keese and Gels, with the primary opponent of the player being the level itself.
*Many areas of floor have given way, making liberal use of the hookshot required.
*The player will not be able to go back after getting the longshot, owing to a one-way shutter.
*The Longshot will be able to cross the largest gaps in the labyrinth and will be able to trigger certain switches, indicated by a certain symbol.

05-26-2007, 05:07 PM
What screens should I build on? I don't want to start until I know which screens I'm allowed to create the dungeon on.

05-26-2007, 05:17 PM
First of all, do not triple post. Second, nobody really said you could make the dungeon, although I think what you have is a good idea, except for the enemy limit. There is an enemy editor that could be of use. I say try to make the dungeon. If the developers don't like it and won't put it in, that you can just use it for your own quest or something.

05-26-2007, 11:14 PM
Make it on a separate Map altogether. That should make it easy to coalesce with future NeoFirst files.

P.S: I decided in here (http://www.armageddongames.net/forums/showthread.php?t=95736) that the hookshot/longshot switches would be represented by cogwheels. Those graphics currently don't exist yet, though.

05-27-2007, 09:02 AM
Thanks. I'll just make a placeholder graphic until someone makes a suitable one.

Dan Furst
06-13-2007, 03:00 PM
I have (what I think is) a great idea for Stonewater Cavern. There are a couple regular pushblock puzzles in the hot version, which are generally easy. But then, in the cold version, the pushblocks turn to ice and the puzzle becomes an ice pushblock puzzle! (Using the script I wrote, found in the showcase.)

Perhaps the hot side puzzles could be made a little more difficult by putting some lava geysers (damage combo cycling) where you would have to push.

I would offer to create some demo puzzles (hot & cold) if this sounds good to the group.

06-15-2007, 10:00 PM
You know it sounds good to me. Anything to get this project going along, which it seems to have stopped stone cold. (Pun intended.)

(Stone. Stonewater cavern. Eh.)

06-16-2007, 07:49 AM
I'm working on stuff! And also occasionally editing my copy of the quest file.

(Recently I made a script for a Fire Snake that melts ice when it runs over it - but it doesn't work just yet.)

06-16-2007, 12:19 PM
I'm still building rooms and importing and recoloring interesting tiles. I'm working on many of the shops in the Town, as well as designing the graphics for Level 2.

The tiles pages are beginning to become really, really disorganized. I've got a lot of crap that's going on in there. Also, pieces of the combo page are still getting that nasty Combo Page bug, where bits turn to garbage combos. I'll have to refer to the DoR set to see how these areas were originally layed out.

06-16-2007, 12:53 PM
It's good to hear this. :)

I personally love the idea of a normal push block puzzle (fire version) turning into an icy push block puzzle (ice version). That would be very interesting, even if it's used just once.

06-18-2007, 12:22 AM
I've got an idea in the fire part there are holes that shoot lava and you cover them with blocks and continue it, to make it harder you see, and in the ice part the holes are covered in ice so no worries about the lava no more, and some blocks are frozen solid (the normal pushable ones) and others are in a block of ice that hurt you when you touch them (the cold), and you need the block to complete it, so it adds the need to go and get fire to melt it to complete the puzzle, or if you don't like the needing of fire you can just make it like that to be harder to move the block to the correct place.

What do you guys think about it?

06-21-2007, 08:51 PM

After an age, I have finally got around to putting up my dungeon. I had an older version, but that was accidentially deleted when I deleted some older builds from my Zelda Classic folder.

Anyway, the only change I made to the combo and tile lists were to add the tiles and combos for the hookshot combo (11186 and 11187 for the combos, 32007 and 32008 for the tiles). Nothing major, just something needed for the creation of my dungeon. (Whatever you do, try to replace these with a better tile. These are the definition of 'placeholder'.) It's only used once, though.

One more thing: watch out for the Stalfos 2's I put in. They hurt. A lot.

Don't adjust the dungeon too much, but feel free to put in stuff like floor borders. (It looks cool even without them, though)

06-22-2007, 01:38 PM
Preliminary feedback:

* It's a bit... linear? To the extent that it has both an entrance and an exit? It's fine, I guess... but what about using the Longshot to whip across a long spiked trail that one had previously taken great pains to cross?
* It's the lakeside labyrinth, so perhaps you could permit me to add some water and Zoras?
(19, 54): I don't quite see the point of having a "hidden" bomb wall at the end of the very third room with no other exits. It's hardly something that one can easily not notice, is it?
(19, 43): Why are there Goriyas in here? They seem out of place.
(19, 55): A cunning idea: pushblocks and cycling spikes. But how come the blocks remove the spikes that they travel over?
(19, 45): What's the point of there being a push block here? Is it to prevent the player backtracking? (But the player already has no motivation to go backwards...)
(19, 52): It would, I think, be more fitting the dungeon theme if you left the small key on a distant platform and invited the player to grab it with the hookshot.

Overall, quite nice, good atmosphere.

06-22-2007, 10:44 PM
1: It was designed to be linear, the designers (in the game world) wanting to protect the item from less-than-worthy adventurers (such as when you begin the game, with only three hearts)

2: Sure. If you're going to put water next to the bottomless pits, could you put some sort of waterfall falling into the abyss, gradually fading out?

3: Perhaps you could cover it with a waterfall?

4: Changed them to Stalfos 2's. Your call.

5: Changed the undercombo to the spikes. Now 75% more evil!

6: No, it's meant to annoy the person who just looks exactly where Link is, not scanning the rest of the screen (JK) Yes it is. Sorry.

7: Changed the chest to a ground switch and put the key behind some blocks.

Here's Lakeside Labyrinth, Revision 1:

07-02-2007, 12:40 AM
Okay, I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but all I see in the labrynth is a set os stairs going up and down, and the occasional moitionless wizzrobe. Link is invisible, and whenever a press the "A" key, the middle of the screen lights up temporarily, and then goes back to normal. Is this how it was intended to be?

07-09-2007, 09:11 PM
Question: Have there been any mock shots, visuals, skeletons (I mean in zquest), or any possible looks of the Stonewater Caverns yet?

07-11-2007, 05:05 PM
It would look something like what I posted below in this post, but I have no idea how Mr. Z build his screens. It's so incredibly confangled in how he actually put it together that it's tripping me up every few pixels. I'm still trying to rip all his tiles in. If I could have a perfect color to color, pixel to pixel conversion, that'd be excellent.

So yeah, it'd look something like that, more or less. Maybe a little larger with some Z3-type walls, though I personally prefer to avoid the grandiose and pointless in favor of the petite and practical. :p

07-12-2007, 03:18 AM
Do you think Mr. Z might be willing to build one more dungeon (this one of course) if asked? Or have you already? Same for the tiles and palettes. It would be much easier ripping from his tile pages right? :P

07-12-2007, 09:27 PM
I actually am pretty much ripping right from it. He lent me his set to try to rip what I needed from it. They're just in two different palettes, and it's certainly not simple.

If we could get Freeform Combos larger than 4x4 (I haven't tried it much yet.) we could get that scrolling smoke effect. :)

11-23-2007, 02:33 PM
Winter Garden, build 660. (http://www.zshare.net/download/5112275c75d094/) For some reason the red/blue gates don't want to switcj positions. Could someone find out why?

Winter Garden - these wintery gardens holds the Winter Element.
- The enemies in this dungeon were created solely to protect the treasures inside. Expect Wizzrobes, Stalfos and Octorocks, often on the same screen.
- This is a Red/Blue switch gate dungeon. You will sometimes have to go through the same screen twice - once with the red gates open, once with the blue gates.
- Both sides of the dungeon have to be passed in order to get the boss key and get to the boss chest.
- Ball switches are used to go switch the position of the red/blue switch gates.

11-24-2007, 05:49 AM
Oh, um... I've already been working on Winter Garden by myself, actually.

But never fear! 'Tis quite a large and pretty dungeon, and I'm sure of finding a flattering use for it.

P.S: For future dungeon development, please use ST's most recent tileset (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TMEWU2WT). Thanks!

11-24-2007, 03:37 PM
Concerning that, how are you/we planning on merging the latest work I've been doing on it with all the maps you've been making?

11-24-2007, 11:23 PM
Slowly and carefully!

Ah, that. I actually don't expect it to be too difficult. It's mostly a matter of comparing the two quests side-by-side (Hoorah Windowed Mode!) to see where each combo page begins. It's almost a cakewalk (In Application terms.) to move the combos in yours around with i and shift+i to where mine are. Seeing as all the bugs are gone from that, (I sure as hell hope so.) it shouldn't be much of a problem.

06-05-2010, 03:50 AM
_L_, nice, I like what you planned, I'm always looking foward to these sorts of dungeons, not to mention the quest itself to be relesed. :-)