View Full Version : Ideas for Roc's Feather, Hover Boots, and Tiger Scrolls?

11-28-2006, 07:15 PM
I think you guys should use the newest items in NeoFirst, especially the Roc's Feather and Spin Attack. Seriously. If you ask me, the Roc's Feather should be given out early. If Hyrule Castle is supposed to be in a semi-ruined state, why not make the overworld around it semi-ruined? Place lots of rubble near the castle, and some pits that do what those ones in the Forest Temple do- HURT YOU. You could have the Roc's Feather be the only way to get across the pits.

How else could you use it? Let's say you've got a trigger high up on a ledge that requires the sword to trigger. There's no way to get up there normally, but if you use the Roc's Feather to jump, you can jump up there are slash it to trigger it! What good would it do in the Forest Temple? There's a lot of pits, right? There you go. An alternate route around some of the pits.

What about in Stonewater Grotto? There's supposed to be a lot of lava there, right? Why not make it so you have to jump over some of the lava to get around? What about when it freezes over? You can use it to jump over the icy water. :googly:

For the Spin Attack, what if you had a room with 4 Crystal Switches lined up in a square? Hitting one triggered it, but after a few seconds, it reverts back to normal, and you have to trigger it again. In short, a puzzle where you have to trigger 4 switches before they all reset to make a chest appear, reveal a path, etc. The switches should cycle back fast enough so you can't trigger all 4 before they revert back. Now how will you trigger all 4 at the same time? Charge your sword and use the Spin Attack on them! But how will you make it so they don't revert back after you trigger all 4? Easy- When they're using the combo that cycles back into the untriggered switch, make them have Flag 16 on them. If you have All Secrets->16-31 on, triggering all 4 triggers Flags 16-31, meaning the switches will be permanently activated! Nice, huh? But wait!

What about the Hover Boots? Easy. BIG GIANT PITS. Perhaps in the desert? Hey, OoT had you using the Hover Boots in the Haunted Wasteland (though you could also use Longshot. O_o) to keep from falling in the quicksand. Do something similar in the desert that _L_ planned! Or use it in the Tower of Light/Shadows!

How about the "Cross Beams" scroll? It can keep enemies at bay, or be used to trigger multiple Sword Beam flags! It can be used just like the Spin Attack could, only with a Sword Beam theme. :) Quake Hammer? Meh. I don't have any ideas for that.

Ooh, what about sidescrolling? That sounds fun. :) Use it with the Hover Boots and Roc's Feather, and you've got a NASTY puzzle. :rude: But wait just one darn minute there! What else can the sidescroll be used for? Well... How about a weird room that seems to have an odd maze in the floor? On one edge of the room is a piece of cracked glass. Use the Hammer on it, and it breaks. Jump in the new hole, and... THE FLOOR ROTATES! :surprise: It warps you to an identical screen where the floor roatates. Afterwards, you're sent to a screen with the Sideview Gravity screen flag. You must make your way to the top of the screen to get out/get an item. But how do you rotate it back? Easy- There's a button at the top. But how would you get out? It puts you one floor below. :p Got any other ideas? I don't. :(

11-28-2006, 07:46 PM
great idea, I shall ------"""""Double it"""""------