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09-10-2006, 01:17 AM
It was mentioned in a topic long ago (http://www.armageddongames.net/showpost.php?p=1066034) that the design for the overworld map would be presented at some point for discussion. I can't seem to find it in any topics, so where is it?

09-12-2006, 10:21 AM
If you have Photoshop or The Gimp, (Or anything that can open .psd files, ... ) This (http://users.sephiroth.ws/ST/zc/neofirstmaptemplate.psd) is what I have so far. I've reached a creative standstill on the overworld's mountainous portions, and my worst areas consist of mountainous ranges.

09-12-2006, 11:28 AM
What are you going to have at (4,4) and (6,3)? And whereabouts will the town reside? (The square from 3,3 to 5,5?)

Y'know, as a way of passing the time while waiting for Mac b12.9, I'd like to construct a few overworld areas myself. But I'm not really sure which NeoFirst.qst file I should modify for this, or whether my changes would be easily reconciled into the work you're concurrently doing on NeoFirst.

09-13-2006, 10:20 AM
Ah, well, the overworld tiles more than likely won't change at the moment, so Feel free to build whatever you would like (http://users.sephiroth.ws/ST/zc/neofirst/NeoFirstB12D_9_2_06.qst). :) Just make it look nice and pretty, and use lots of layerable items. Thank you very much. ^_^

I'll take a look at those screens tonight, since I'll actually have access to Photoshop at home to look at them again. The town, believe it or not, isn't really "contained" within any sort of boundaries. It's just mostly forests with the occasional guard, I guess. The houses will be sparse, but you'll be able to enter a good lot of them due to our new multiple tile warps. (On that note, I really hope I made multiple house entrances (For Tile warps A through D.) like I had wanted.)

I think screen 4,4 was a Thief hideout; .. the first thief, who gives you the L1 Wallet. I don't recall where 6,3 is though. Again though, I'll look at it tonight.

... And MAN I wish you had an instant messenger. =/ This would be so much better if you did... Seriously, do consider joining irc.initialized.org's #NeoFirst channel. Here, I hollowed out A copy of mIRC (http://users.sephiroth.ws/ST/files/ThemIRCProgram.rar) for people to use. It's functional right out of the zip file. Just unzip it to something like C:\Program Files\mIRC\ and open mirc.exe and you're good to go. ... Of course, that's for windows. L_L'

NOTE: That copy may still have some of my old stuff in it, including my "name," so disregard and change as appropriate



NeoFirst Map 9/13/06 (http://users.sephiroth.ws/ST/zc/neofirst/NeoFirstMap0_13_06.gif)

Screen 4,4 should be a Thief Hideout. Screen 6,3 is just a forest entrance hallway. Nothing special about it at all. It'll be the first place you enter the Mystic Forest though.

09-13-2006, 11:10 PM
Screen 4,4 should be a Thief Hideout. Screen 6,3 is just a forest entrance hallway. You mean screen (3,6)? (Co-ordinates are (x,y), y'know.)

09-15-2006, 01:38 PM
It's a Heart Container Piece screen, shrouded by forests. Nothing more.

... ... OMFG, I feel like I replied to this thread at least six times, yet my post never appears. ... I am now thoroughly convinced that my body is generating some sort of mind-altering drug from within my very body.

What fun.

BTW: Landmarks:

[0,0] - Warp Circle
[0,1] - L1 - Forest Temple.
[0,E] - L3 - Temple of Light / Temple of Shadows (Light Entrance)
[1,2] - Din's Fire Cave Burnable entrance. (A brown cactus in a + shaped dirt field.)
[7,4] - Learn Slash. There's a house, and under the right pillar, is a stairs as well.
[0,5] - I'm not quite sure, but he'll teach you something.

.. G'haa. PC lab where I'm in now is closing in 5 minutes. Gotta jet! Great weekend all. Be back Saturday Night.