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08-22-2006, 09:26 PM
Remember everyone, NeoFirst is designed to be packed-in with the next version of Zelda Classic. Since we're planning on releasing the new version soon, I implore everyone working on this to please move a bit faster. We can and probably will delay release of ZC some until it's done, but not for very long. What we ned to do is find a balance between implementing every cool new feature and making sure it gets done on time.

ST, i expect good things from you and am confident you'll come through. Same goes for everyone else working on this. For everyone not working on it, remember that ou CAN work on this. It's a group project meant to showcase the ZC communities abilities. So even if you have to do just a little bit (like, one FFC script or just one particular overworld section), please consider working on NeoFirst.

That is all.

08-23-2006, 03:38 PM
That'll probably mean shrinking the size of everything down. Maybe half an overworld, and half the size of each temple. Maybe I should stop working on the tileset as well.

This also means that we need to have more member input. This is your quest too, so you have a say in what goes into it. Remember, Level 2 and Level 3 already have the concepts down, but their structural planning hasn't been done yet. Read up on the specs of each dungeon in the other threads.

I already have the plan for the L1 Boss. (I just need to develop the graphics for it.) I'm going to be drawing up the graphics for the L2 boss so jman can create his dream. While this is going on, we'll need people to help create the path through these two final dungeons.

08-23-2006, 04:15 PM
I really want this to come out when 2.11 is released. So I say, stop working on the tileset. It looked fine the way it was when I was making the game. You know you were switching things in the tileset around to make it look pretty and it screwed up, but I think it is fine now. If you noticed I am a messy designer. All of my combos were in one spot, but that is why I labeled them level 1 combos.

Anyways, I noticed the overworld is coming out slow. I am not sure why actually. It looks like 7 screens of the forest, but maybe it is in the planning stages I don't know. But you couldn't cut down the size of the overworld. The overworld is easy to make anyways. You should be able to put together the overworld in a week. And then the contents of the houses, caves, and mini things, in another week.

Right now we need to focus on making the 2nd level. I tried to make my level as quickly as possible so we can get to the 2nd level already. However, it seems I didn't have to rush it as it is 2 monthes later.

Anyways, ST, you need to start yelling at people. Rakki is back, tell him to get his butt on it because of the deadline. And while that is going on, we should find someone to make the third level. They should plan it, and when Rakki takes breaks, or is finished, this person should be making the 3rd level.

I don't know is I came off as bossy or anything, but I think we need to get on top of this.

08-23-2006, 06:23 PM
At this point we need bossyness. >.> Thanks for your support man. o.o .. and all of yours as well. It needs it all.

I just made a topic about the L2 plans.

08-25-2006, 05:02 AM
For the record, I wasn't aware that I was the one who was supposed to be building level 2 (see: beyond planning) until just recently, which is why I took the break in the first place. If I had known, when I finshed the map back in June, that I was also building the dungeon (I didn't think I was because I'm pretty sure Shoelace didn't design AND build level 1), I would've had it done by now. In retrospect, though, and after seeing level 1, I'm kind of disappointed in how my design for level 2 turned out, so I guess it's not such a bad thing that L2 is getting a redesign now, is it?

Either way, sorry to have held the project up for 3 months now, guys. =/

08-25-2006, 09:47 AM
It's not you. o.o We just need to see the plans for it. I keep bugging people for plans, but everyone edges away. Do you have the plans, Rakki? Please upload and link to them right here so we can see them? Thanks.

09-11-2006, 12:51 PM
Speed it up some more guys. I'm starting to think this won't be done in time for ZC's release.

09-12-2006, 05:22 AM
Neither NeoFirst nor the Mac betas ever seem to update nowadays. Which is doubly to the detriment of me and other willing participants.

09-13-2006, 02:12 AM
Starting to, jman? I'm having trouble figuring out what the hell's going on. Last I heard, the jury's still out on who's making Level 2, DN is apparently handling L3 and... I can't remember who, but, somebody else is making the final dungeon. ShadowTiger's apparently still working on the tileset, and I think he's also making the overworld, but we apparently still need some caves made by somebody as well.

09-13-2006, 08:52 AM
Are there going to be caveways in this? I don't remember anything said about that.

If you guys need caveways built, I can offer myself to set them up(if nobody else is doing it).

It would be nice to see this project come back together. It's become so scattered now and it's getting difficult to nail down what needs finished.

09-13-2006, 10:01 AM
Essentially, ... ...

... :banghead: ...

That sums up quite a bit of it. :)

Okay, a few things:

Right now, (As in, on the weekends.) I'm working on Graphics. Specifically, jman's L2 Boss graphics, as well as the L2 graphics in general. It's really quite the nasty mixup.
I'm also thinking of halving the size of the overworld. We really don't need a big one, after all. It'll also make it SO much easier to plan, as I hate designing mountainous areas, and that's pretty much all that's left, so...
The overworld is ... well, ... see above. :sweat: The sooner we can settle on doing an 8x8 or 16x8 overworld, the better. Frankly, the smaller it is, the better it will be for us, as it can do the same things, only faster.
It needs caves.
Lots and lots of caves. :rolleyes: Transportation caves with multiple entrances.
Caves to store Heart Container Pieces in.
The King of Thieves needs a cave.
I STILL Need graphics for the Level 1 boss.
We need to figure out how we're going to use the arrows in the Quest. Here's what I was thinking so far:
You can buy the wooden arrows in the shop in town for a relatively cheap price, (40 Rupees?) but you won't be able to get your bow until you reach Level 3.
The Golden Arrows -will- be necessary to finish L3. The Silver Arrows will open up Unopened Dark Portals into the Temple of Shadows, and the Golden Arrows will open up Unopened Light Portals into the Temple of Light, AND the Dark Portals into the Temple of Shadows.
The Golden Arrows will be used in the second to last battle in the game. DN can probably explain this better than I can, in terms of scripting-needs.

As for coding snippets, We'll definitely need a few things:
A way to preserve the entrance-state for the L2 Cavern. -IF- you can exit via the Ice Cavern exit, you'll need to be able to go back in, and find it in the same state that it was when you left it. This will need a global script. Just write one and we'll fill in the variables ourselves. THAT part is easy. Actually writing it isn't so, for us non-coding mortals.
An exact copy of a Red Darknut, but with knockback disabled. jman, think you can spare the code for the Red Darknut for analysis? It'll basically be a Blue Darknut, with hit points doubled, and with its speed cut in half. It'll be a Darknut in HEAVY Platemail armor. This should be the Level 3 Miniboss. It'll probably Guard the Silver Arrows.
A way to have an arrow (A real, Link-fired Golden Arrow.) hit a type of combo and be reflected as a Freeform Scripted combo going in the opposite direction from whence it came, and you'll be unable to fire another arrow until that Freeform Scripted Arrow Combo is off the screen. It also needs to be able to hurt enemies like any Golden Arrow will, and will simply kill them when it passes over them.

Now. Here's how things are working. I'm still designing the L2 Boss Graphics. Dark Nation is doing the Final Boss. DarkDragon is doing the King of Thieves. Takuya is doing Mac Stuff. koopa is awesome. The caves will be created and imported into the latest version of NeoFirst. (Which I will give to jman once the graphics are complete.) Then he'll make his boss, and he'll give it back to me, then I'll finish up one or two things regarding caves, then you guys will be making a lot of caves, but only where I tell you to, so we don't get any overlapping screens overwriting each others' hard work. You got it?

So don't do anything unless I authorize it first. The authorization is strictly so we don't overlap each other. The Import Feature is an odd one. It needs everything to be perfectly uniform through out, except for the combos placed. The combo page needs to be identical in all versions that we all have, so you CAN'T change ANYTHING in the graphics or combo pages! None of the other versions will get that change, unless it goes into the master version (Mine, apparently.) and is then reuploaded and redistributed to all of you, but that means that your work will be lost to what the recently uploaded version does not have of what you just created.

Thus, I will be assigning cave screens and descriptions to all volunteers this evening.

The more people we have to volunteer, the better this will turn out. I have Wednesday nights pretty much free, (Father in classes until 11:00, Mother teaching, etc, so I've got full reign of the computer. I don't party. I don't break into the alcohol. I build >:-] Heh.)

So if you have any further ideas of requests, please make a new thread, but actually do it. Like, now, ... ... yes, now is a great time for it. Don't alter what's already been planned too much, and especially don't alter whatever exists, but if you don't see it yet, your suggestion can certainly make it in.