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07-19-2006, 03:48 PM
alright, here's my idea. for the first dungeon, you use simple Z1 tiles for everything, then slowly improve the graphics for each dungeon. like, the second level has more detail on the walls, and more tiles, the third has all the tiles you could possibly want for dungeon, and the fourth has some extra colors, fifth has more, sixth has the most you can get, seventh uses 256 color mode, not sure about eighth, but the final dungeon would combine ALL the tiles previously used in the other dungeons

[Edit] I'm a dolt. forgot that the first dungeon is already done, which sort of defeats the idea of this entire suggestion

07-19-2006, 03:59 PM
Over AIM

*b*: Erk-
*b*: Forgot the first dungeon is already done x.x
ShadowTiger: I mean I appreciate the thought, and the concept is making me drool, but the dungeons are already planned out, as for what they'll look like.
*b*: Well, I THOUGHT I knew what I was talking about, anyway :p
ShadowTiger: I'm not saying it's a bad idea. :p It just happens that they can't really be applied to NeoFirst at this time.
ShadowTiger: It'd be amazing to see though, like, in another quest or something.
ShadowTiger: I mean, think of the suspense it'd build!
ShadowTiger: ON A GLOBAL SCALE! :D
ShadowTiger: ooh now I'm getting all giddy. XD

EDIT: .. *Sees your edit* .. .. Oh. .. Yeah. But it's okay; someone else will use it, and it'll look amazing. ;)