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08-02-2005, 11:06 PM
What characters would you want to replace Link? We've already seen a megaman quest & Mario quest & some ideas about basing a new quest off Kirby have been thrown around.

So, what characters would you like to the hero of a custom quest to be, with all new Custom tiles/sprites? And! What would replace the various items too?

MY ideas:

1) Donkey Kong:
--Sword=Donkey Punch
--Bombs=Exploding Melons
--Bow/Arrows=Peanut Gun
--Hammer=Ground Slam
--Hookshot=Grappling Vine

2) Yoshi (Or perhaps a sprite of Baby Mario riding Yoshi!)
--Boomerang=Throwing Star
--Bombs=Exploding Eggs
--Hammer=Ground Slam
--Hookshot=Long Tongue
--Magic Wand=Fire Spit

3) Spiderman
--Bombs=Spidy Bombs
--Magic Wand=Venom Shot

4) Kirby
--Boomerang=Cutter blade
--Bombs=Kirby Bombs
--Hammer=Kirby Hammer
--Magic Wand=Star Rod
--HC=1 Ups
--Fairy (Still)=Maxim Tomato

08-02-2005, 11:24 PM
JC Denton - Deus Ex
Sword = Baton --> Crowbar --> Sword (Really) --> Dragontooth Sword
Bombs = LAM (Light Arms Munitions)
Bow = Bullets. .. Duh. :p
Bow2 = Armor Piercing Bullets.
Arrows = 10mm pistol --> Stealth Pistol --> Rifle
Whistle = Pickup Signal. Not in Deus Ex, but it could come in handy. ;)
Candle = Gas Grenade --> ... ... More than ONE Gas Grenade. :rolleyes:
Potion = Health Pack, and more than one health pack.
Bait = I still have no idea. :sweat: ... Gold, probably.
Wand = RPG Launcher, .. or possibly the Plasma Gun. Heh, Awesome.
Hookshot = Some kind of optional biocanister upgrade, I suppose.
Super Bomb = EMP Grenade. ... Nah, it'd hurt Bios as well.
Lens Of Truth = Oh, yeah, they've got this. Infravision.
Hammer = ... A Hammer. :eyebrow:

King Aquamentus
08-03-2005, 12:22 AM
Vic Viper (Gradius)
Sword = bullet
White sword = twin bullets
Magical Sword = Laser
Master Sword = C. Laser
Bow = Option
Magic Shield = ?(shield)
Mirror shield = Force field
Hearts = green capsules
rupees = red capsules
Destroy all enemies = Blue capsules
Magic Wand = Ripple
Arrows = missle
S. Arrows = Twin missles
G. arrows = photon Torpedoes.

Lad(Bionic Commando)

Sword = Cannon.
W. Sword = Triple shot
Mg. Sword = Flamethrower
Ms. Sword = Laser gun.
Hookshot = Bionic arm
Whistle = Radio
Wand = Electricity gun.
Bow = Bazooka
arrows = well, come on, if the bow is a bazooka...
Boomerang = Ninja stars.

(My enemies were actually a bit cooler.)