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06-20-2005, 04:29 PM
I don't know if it is possible,but if it is...

06-20-2005, 06:17 PM
to make multiple warps per screen, have a cave somwhere on the screen (Uses tile warp) then have a path that uses a scrolling warp into a village (Side warp) Basiclly, to have 2 warps per screen, use 1 side warp and 1 tile warp.

06-20-2005, 07:13 PM
I think what he means is multiple tile warps. :sweat:
Someone (I think Jigglysaint) came up with a trick back in the time of beta 104, involving a 3 stair warp. IIRC, it goes like this,
First of all, you must use and OW or Cave dmap, dungeons don't work.
Make your screen as normal, with your warp tiles set as pits. You'll need to spread them out so that there is 1 in each [1/total number a warps] of the screen. Then set up the tile warp, with type set to cave/item room, dmap set to the same one as current screen, and screen set to 81. Set the room type as 3 stair warp and warp ring to 0 (or whatever you want to use).

Next, go to the screen 81, and cover it with stairs (preferably plain black).
Now, set up your warp ring as usual (http://casadealphadawg.com/zc/zqtutorial/newadditions/threestairwarps/index.html), and on each of the screens you can warp to, set up a warp back to the original screen, and place the blue square where you want Link to appear.

What should happen, is that when Link steps on one of the warps, he'll be warped to screen 81, which is filled with stairs, and so then instantly warped again to the destination screen. Because 3 stair warps decide the destination based on the position of the warp tile on screen 81, and the pit combos put you in exactly the same place on screen 81 as on the previous screen, you'll be warped to a different screen based on the position of the pit you went through on your initial screen. Then, when Link leaves the screen he was warped to, he is warped straight back to the first screen again.
The only problem with this is that Link will always reappear in the same place no matter which warp he takes.

Like I said, though, this was a long time ago, so anyone else feel free to correct me if I've made a mistake. :)

06-22-2005, 07:09 PM
The three-stair warp idea is overly cumbersome. Just do this:

Set up your screen with two doors; we'll call this "Screen A". One door is a stair, the other is a pit. Now set the Tile Warp location to be a blank screen. We'll call this second screen "Screen B." Place a convayer on the far side of the screen pushing off of the screen, and surround the convayer with solid blocks. Put your blue and green squares (the link start tiles) on top of this convayer. Cover the rest of the screen with stair tiles. Make sure that the pit door (From the first screen) spits link out onto these stair tiles. Next, draw an exact copy of Screen A and put it on a layer above Link on Screen B. Last, set the tile warp for Screen B to the location you want Link to emerge when he goes in the pit door, and the side warp to be the location you want Link to emerge when he goes in the stair door.

Make sense? The player will see link go into the door, vanish, and after a brief delay link will pop out in one of two places

Honestly though, this is so much trouble that it's really only useful for things like custom bosses.


06-22-2005, 07:51 PM
There isn't too much trouble involved for two warps. Unless you're strapped for space you can do this quite easily. Also note that it is feasibly possibly to have even 3 or 4 'tile warps' on screen. That takes a bit more work (and screens), but it certainly isn't anything requiring extensive experience with the program.