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04-13-2005, 05:18 AM
Custom Boss #1, Zora King!

1) Some sort of creature who's 'head' and 'tail' each appear at the same time from two different holes filled with water.
2) Make each by having a series of cycling combos where both are originally the blank waterhole combo & cycle to a water hole combo with an animated puff of smoke or something and then after they cycle to the tail & head so they appear.
3) Creatively set it up so the head & tail disappear & reappear every so often in various holes (make like 8 seemingly identical holes)
4) The head combo can either spew fire each time (using careful combo cycling or flame enemies & cycling screens) or perhaps fireballs or something else
5) The tail combo is what you must damage by pounding it with the hammer two or three times.
6) Repeat this several times to deat boss.
7) Bomb attack: Make it so that in some holes, a bomb will appear to float in to or three holes at once and then explode and cause damage to Link if he's nearby (carefully cycled damage combos)
8) Rock Attack: Make it so that every so often, the 'platform' link is on (the ground) will appear to shake & rocks will then fall from the top of the screen.

Basically like the volvagia dragon, except the holes are filled with water instead of lava & the only time you see the boss is when it rare's its head & tail (which you attack) in one of the holes.

Custom Boss #2, Aquamorphos
1) A creature that is like a large blob kinda like water or moreover, a gelatin, in the middle of the room. Have it be like 3x3 in size.
2) In the center is its 'cell' which you must attack using the 'hookshot' (carefully use screen cycling & HS flag)...however, you can only attack it when the blob disappears momentarily (using combo cycling or screen cycling carefully)
3) Fireballs also shoot from the cell when it is vulnerable.
4) When the large blob/watery structure/gelatin body/whatever is covering the cell (maybe on a layer & transparent), you can make it so that every once in a while the blob stretches out or changes shape (and btw, when you touch the blob it damages you) so as to attack you.
5) Also, the blob can turn into ice, which doesn't do damage to you when you touch it while ice but you must use the candle or magic wand fire to burn the ice in order to turn it back into the gelatin & wait for it to disappear again to hit the cell. Also, when its ice, blue keese appear & fly around the room.

Custom Boss #3, Giant Octorok
1) Looks like a gaint octorok stuck in the north wall. (2x2 combos)
2) No movement
3) Boulder Attack: Using combo cycling carefully, a large 2x2 boulder is shot from its large mouth (series of cycling damage 1/2 combos).
4) You must hit the giant octorok in each eye like 5x to have it be blinded/stunned (which hults the boulder attack briefly) When you do this, the octorok gets 'mad' and sorta bangs against the ground, causing a shockwave.
5) After the first time you blind it, it now alternates the Boulder Attack and...
6) The Laser Attack: Lasers (or custom 'magic') shoot from its eyes that go diagonally. You must blind it again.
7) This time after you blind it, it will stay blinded until you defeat the 10 normal blue octoroks that appear and then it will open its eyes again & resume the boulder attack & laser attacks, and then you must blind it a third & final time!

That's all...
....for now