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04-11-2005, 10:59 PM
i know this is a bothersom question to everyone, but i'll break it down the best i can so hopfully i can get help. i download the latest version of ZC, 2.10. i uncompress that file and download a custom quest, i uncompress this file to the same place as the ZC. (the game for basic info is Link to Tortuga, but can't get any mission/quest to work, not even quest 1). cite says it should run off of v2.10. i then try to go threw this, 1.) Register a new Name
2.) When the error pops up, click ok to close the error message (not applicable for choosing custom quests).
3.) With your new name selected, press A (unless you already chose your own set of keys, this will be the left Alt key).
4.) Push your A button again.
5.) Click "Browse".
6.) If you are in the Zelda Classic folder, proceed to step 7. If you are NOT in the Zelda Classic folder...
6a.) Keep clicking the folder marked "..\" to go up a window until you find yourself in "My Computer".
(Your C drive and the floppy drive will appear here, so if you see those, you're in "My Computer". One step further up is basically the desktop.)
6b.)Find where you installed Zelda Classic, and enter the directory.
6c.)(A good indication is "Zelda" appearing at the start of the name. Unless you changed it at install, it should appear right in the C directory, or whichever directory you chose to install in.)
7.)Select 1st.qst, or the custom quest you wish to play.
8.)Click OK.
9.)Click OK again, in the previous window.
10.)Push your B button (by default, left Ctrl).
11.)Push Enter and start playing. Enjoy!

when i select the quest i want and click ok i get an error message, same massage for every quest i try to choose-"unable to open file" i am not sure if i am doing sumthing wrong or need a back up file or a different version. i have downloaded many versions and tried for bout a week on my own, unsuccessful so i delete the files. thanx for any help or attempts of help and patient-- greatly appriciated from a great Zelda Fan :D

04-11-2005, 11:07 PM
Did you get all of the support files for the 2.10?
Maybe you should download the "2.10 for dummies" that fatcatfan uploaded, it installs it all for you.

Then test it by trying to open the first quest and trying it.

then if that works try this....

How to load custom quests in Zelda Classic
1) Double click on zelda-w.exe
2) Press "Enter" to pass the flames.
3) Press "Enter" to pass the Zelda intro screen.
4) register a name, and press enter.
5) press "A" (Alt)
6) Press "A" (Alt) again
7) browse to the quest you want to play, choose it and press "ok"
8) press "Enter" to play.
The above steps assume you have put the custom quest in the folder with Zelda Classic :O)

04-12-2005, 05:54 PM
im not sure where to go to download the "2.10 for dummies" that fatcatfan uploaded, but i did go 2 the download page and downloaded 2.10 support files and tried to get it to work that way, unsucessful. so i tried to do the same with the beta 184 player. didn't work so i tried downloading the support files for that and still didn't work. same message of "unable to open file." if u have anymore ideas i would greatly appreciate it, if not thanx for the time, effort, and help.

04-12-2005, 06:36 PM
How to get Zelda Classic working on your PC.
Start by downloading and unzipping all files into a new folder of their own, "ZCBeta" would be a good folder name.

Depending on what version you download, your files should look something like this;

(list of files for the 192b182 beta program)
zelda (shortcut)

Now that all these files are there with the exception of maybe the ag.cfg and the Allegro log you need to get the program to write those for you as well.
Double click on "zquest-w.exe", when ZQuest opens, click on ETC at the top right and play lost woods midi.
Click on ETC and turn the music off, and exit ZQuest by clicking on FILE then EXIT.

You should now be able to play the games.
Double click on "zelda-w.exe" and when the flames come up press "Enter" on your keyboard.
Press Enter again to pass the Zelda intro screen.
Register a name, and press enter and the first quest will be ready to play.
Enter the name "zelda" if you would prefer to play the second quest.

04-12-2005, 09:28 PM
im trying to get this to work so i can play cutom missions, i have betten quest 1&2... i think i found a problem, in the ZC folder i downloaded it did not have have the files that u have listed there, it was missing
zelda (shortcut)

and had these as extra
new enemy tiles.pdf

im not sure why when i downloaded it that it did not have all the files. the version i downloaded was Zelda Classic v1.92 "The 184 Player." mayb thats the problem with Zelda Classic v2.10 - Windows Version i had also, it was missing files when i downloaded it, not sure. i tried deleting it again and re-downloadin it but still missing the same files and have the same extra from ur list u sent(the "The 184 Player."). confused, help :odd: what should i do from here?

04-15-2005, 01:25 AM
the only version i download that will work is the "Zelda Classic v1.00" i have tried downloading and redownloading "Zelda Classic v2.10 - Windows Version" and "Zelda Classic v1.92 "The 184 Player"' and "Zelda Classic v1.92 Beta183" with downloading the support files. i uncompress them in there own file folder and still do not get them to work for the life of me. i down load them from this site, http://zeldaclassic.armageddongames.net/downloads.php?PHPSESSID=b75e4a0f64198165b3e883fc79 fedd52 which is the home site. i do not understand why they do not work. my ultimate goal is to get them to work so i could participate in playing a few good custom missions but can only get the earliest version to only allowing me 2 play the first two quests, which i have already beat 2x! when i look at the downloaded folders, the files are not all the same as said should be in the foulders in the above thread. so if i could have sum great help with this mistery it would be greatly apreciated!