View Full Version : Emulators Running On PS2

08-05-2004, 03:55 PM
I thought I'd take a shot and ask if anyone here has had any luck with PS2 based emulators, namely SNES-Station and PGen. I've burned several discs of PGen that as far as I know, should all work. However they fail to boot. I know it's not my brand of CDRs, as my copy of Contra Shattered Soldier works fine which is on the same brand of CDR. I'm using Swap Magic as my boot method.

For those of you who didn't know, there are a few quite good emulators for PS2. Pgen is a Sega Genesis emulator which is said to run the majority of games full speed with stereo sound. SNES-Station I hear works well, but there are exceptions.

So anyway, if anyone has gotten either of these to work and might know what I'm doing wrong lemme know. I wish it were like the Dreamcast emulators, which were alot easier to figure out how to burn or you could burn an iso with no games included and switch discs to one with games. So if anyone knows where you can get a PGEN or SNES-Station ISO that includes only Public Domain games that would work too I suppose.

Edit: So I figured it out. Incase anyone else here should have the same problem I did, my version 9 ps2 does not like System.CNFs which use returns/end of lines. You should take a real PS2 game's system.CNF and modify it, that it should work.