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05-21-2004, 10:42 PM
Firstly I would like to say this is my first post here and would like to say hello to everyone out there at ZC, I first played Zelda on NES in 1992 and it was beautiful game and still love it, thus far i used a rom to play on PC but now have found ZC and so far my opinion is great,

I would just like to express my dream here, something no zelda has ever had before and atm you guys are the only ones who can introduce this, multiplayer! yes i know what youre thinking (why isnt this is the suggestion forums :P but its just an expression of myself) , I think ZC with a multiplayer of up to 4 players would be a sensational experience especially since this is classic zelda, maybe I'm off here but i wouldnt think it would be that hard to implement 4 players via netplay, it would be amazing. I would like to hear what anyone thinks of this because I remember when i played zelda and always thought how cool it would be if someone else did quests with me, even on the same screen as me, NOT dueling though just a buddy to play along with.

Well sorry for english i only learned begining english at my skool days.

Hope to hear some replies.

P.S Great job mods.


05-21-2004, 11:00 PM
multiplayer has been suggested so many times. zeldaclassic.com has a Future Plans page that shows what DN is hoping to do (and has already done) with ZC

welcome nontheless

05-21-2004, 11:13 PM
You check out Four Swords from the LTTP re-release on the GBA, and look for the upcoming Four Swords Adventures on the Nintendo Gamecube. ;) I was skeptical at first, but Zelda has never been more fun.