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04-18-2004, 10:39 PM
I could use some help coming up with FAQ Questions regarding ZC, ZQ, ZC.com, and LOZ in general. So far I've got the following (with answers, but i'll just post the questions here to save space). What do people always ask about? and what do you think is important enough to include on the zc.com faq?

Will there be a Linux Port of Zelda Classic?
I get a "cannot find 1st.qst error"! How do I fix it? Also - How do I load a custom Quest?
I get no sound when running ZC Version 1.90
How do I become a Zelda Classic Beta Tester?
Are there any codes for the game?
Where is level XX in the original Legend of Zelda? Where is the XX? How do I kill XX?
I downloaded Zelda Classic from another website, and I'm having trouble installing it. It says I need XX file!
Where is the Grabber Text File?
Where can I get Allegro?
Does Zelda Classic have any Command Line options? What are they?
Does ZQuest have any Command Line options? What are they?

Please, whatever you can think of.

04-19-2004, 12:27 AM
Why are there so many layers?/what do they do?
What does the XX Quest Rule do/affect?

not much, but, hey