View Full Version : Large .wav files in SFX.dat?

10-31-2003, 07:42 AM
I'm messing with the SFX.dat for two things. I'm making a Wing Commander SFX.dat to go along with the quest I'm making. It -might- be slightly large, about 3.5 MB, and it'll ONLY be used for WCTF, so you'll have to have your own folder for it, as well as the game. (But it sounds awesome, so it's worth it, rest assured. ;) :thumbsup: )

And I'm also messing with the Wind Waker "Beat Boss" MP3, turned it into a .wav file, and imported it into the "clear" file in the SFX.dat, so when you get the item after defeating an enemy, it'll sound. What do you think of this? It might make the file a bit larger and more complicated, but it can generally boost the quality of the QUEST. ;)