View Full Version : Where to download?

09-27-2003, 07:25 PM
Where do I download the most recent version of Zelda Classic?

09-27-2003, 07:55 PM
For the latest beta, go to http://www.casadealphadawg.com/zc/index.html

For the more stable version, go to http://zeldaclassic.armageddongames.net/download.shtml

09-27-2003, 10:37 PM
Thanks for the quick reply! I got it running. I have been gone for almost 9 months and may come back and finish my quest I was working on lol.

But whats happened? Is ZC still being updated?

09-27-2003, 11:00 PM
Yup it is, what was the last version you had?

09-28-2003, 01:40 AM
I had forgotten, but when I checked my site apperently it was Beta 163. So its been updated since then.