View Full Version : The "00" bug and how I got around it.

09-23-2003, 10:21 PM
In the quest I just released the "00" bug had me pulling out my hair for weeks, so I though some of you may be having the same headache.

here's how I got around it. (2 ways)

In levels 3 and 4 they are both two full maps each

the main map is where the boss key, compass, and triforce are and it's a dungeon d-map set to the correct level #, the second map (subfloor) is on a dmap with level 0, continue set to 00 and a warp screen on screen 00 set to take you back to the main floor map enterance room, should you die there.

you can set the type on the subfloor to dungeon or overworld depending on what features you want.


On level 7 in the game, it has 3 d-maps, 2 are set to cave and the one where the boss is is set to dungeon.
when you die in this set up it takes you back to your last enterance point, which means if you were fighting the boss it will allow you to continue in the boss area, however many rooms you choose that to be, or if you die in a cave dmap area, you start there where you entered.

this set up removes the need for the 00 screen warp, and also makes it easy to use different "boss" music.

using cave d-maps instead of dungeon d-maps is a little more work, but works a LOT better.

09-24-2003, 12:06 PM
Funny, there seems to be no 00 but in MY version of ZC. Guess I'm soo cool that I'm a beta tester, huh? *shot*