View Full Version : ideas for making harder versions of quests

08-04-2003, 11:05 AM
ok, this thread is just to brainstorm some ideas as to how to make a harder copy of a quest without actually physically changing the quest (like the appearance, level structure, overworld lay out, enemies, puzzles, item locations, etc.)--here are some examples:
1. don't give the player the slash ability
2. don't give away the magic upgrade
3. in the "init" data menu, uncheck items & make them stuff you have to find or like lower the max bomb count, stuff like that
4. check the "non bubble potion" quest rule & stuff like that, making it harder to cure the "no-sword status" when touched by a (red) bubble
5. possibly uncheck the "quick sword" quest rule
6. check all the quest rules having to do with magic items, such as "boots use magic" and such
7. replace all slash->item combos simply with the "slash" combo
8. "up the annie" on prices; (in shops & for bomb upgrade & stuff like that)
9. in the initial data menu, uncheck "sword beam" for all swords
*10. adding a couple more mandatory caves/dungeons always makes a quest longer & possibly harder, although, this is an example of changing the physical aspect of the quest itself
11. possibly add a couple of "door repair" rooms here & there

any other ideas?