View Full Version : What kind of graphics?

07-23-2003, 02:03 AM
Would you rather have Classic Graphics in a quest or BS graphics in a quest? That is the question.

Although I have an idea what every1 is going to say :sweat:

07-23-2003, 02:15 AM
Do we really need to like the Classic graphics to feel like hard-core Zelda gamers? I admit it - I totally despise them.

They were great when I was 5, but now there's new standards. Sprites and tiles that are fat and fill up the 16x16 area, the neat little black line that surrounds everything, among other things. It's just easier to look at.

07-23-2003, 02:18 AM
well, it's all about progression.

When ZC first came out, I was more than happy to use the classic set. BS and new-first were hot after that, so we all used them. Then Orion and his LttP set..

Me? I used a mixed set of Pure and LttP. great tiles, and great organization.

07-23-2003, 02:24 AM
i would rather use bs over classic any day.

07-23-2003, 02:31 AM
I was considering the possibilty of making a quest where you start out in classic graphics, progress to BS, and then end up in LttP. .. If there was a plausable way to change link's tiles with the graphic pack, it would be a reality.

07-23-2003, 10:14 AM
I make a lot of custom tiles, but I would DEFINITELY stick with the Pure Set. It's VERY malleable.

07-23-2003, 11:54 AM
Like a lot of people these days, I like the GameBoy + LTTP mix (sets including Mystic Land, Descendant, Pure). Of course, the mix is getting a bit old. I'm all for a new set of custom drawn graphics.

07-23-2003, 01:41 PM
True. But what if they're not as good? I mean, once you go Pure, you never go back. ;) Or at least that's my opinion. :eyebrow: And believe me, I was hesitant to abandon my own set, but people can do a lot more than they think with the pure set.

(I'm not just saying that because Wild Bill is above me. ;) )

07-23-2003, 02:26 PM
I like BS, and Pure, there are both fine for me. As for classic, I did like them, but now I don't :shrug:

07-23-2003, 02:29 PM
I like BS graphics the most. There's alot of detail in them. They take a while to figure out what goes where and such, but I like them.

07-23-2003, 02:41 PM
That is true. But that's why I'm not touching them. (No offense.) But I HAVE noticed that Eckland was an excellent quest, with formidable graphics. I would certainly not insult a graphics pack, but would rather just complement another. ;)

07-23-2003, 07:31 PM
I'd pretty much agree that BS graphics is the choice for me.But, I STILL have a problem with them.I can't make doors :( :banghead: