View Full Version : ZC Crashing Problem (PLEASE HELP ASAP)

07-21-2003, 11:42 AM
Uses: Windows XP Pro, Zelda Version 1.92 Beta 182

Hey......my ZC Editor doesn't give me crash problems much anymore. (Had to turn off Norton Auto Scan) The quest editor still crashes on me, but not as often.....it crashes like after 3 something odd hours now! Last time it was like every 5-10 mins......

BUT......I can't say the same for my ZC Quest Player......
I can't even get through the first level of my quest without getting hit by consecutive crashes. Once I get hit by one in ZC, another follows up as soon as my machine immediately reboots up to the desktop. IT"S SO DAMN ANNOYING!!!!

Does anyone seem to have an answer to this problem? If I can get this problem sidelined.....this quest has smooth sailing ahead of it.

Note: My good buddy Healblade has been suffering the same crash ordeal as I have and is getting frustrated. I can help him out with the ZC Editor crashing.......as for the ZC Quest Player that's another story so if anyone can help us two out we would be very appreciative!