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04-21-2002, 04:13 PM
Well, I have the program set up sort of. The things I am working on are the midi functions, I still have to get the .til file structure set up but I thought that I should post the latest build to let whoever wants to see it, see it. Please keep in mind that this is NOT the full editor. I just am posting this to show my progress.

Here it is ZC tile editor (http://www.geocities.com/dark_wolf_games/Tileeditor.zip)

[EDIT]If you are having trouble saving it, right and save it.[EDIT]

04-22-2002, 01:47 PM
You know, Tile Editing doent really strike me as the sort of thing we really need a utility to help us do- ZQuest's editor is more than sufficent. What I'd REALLY like to see, though, is an Animation Editor.

Frequently in the design of my quest I find I have to animate objects that are much larger than one tile. (We're talking custom bosses, mostly) What I have to do currently is eyeball the critter and try to draw/edit/recolor all of the animation frames I want the creature to go through, then copy and paste him into neat little lines, then load him onto a combo page before I ever get a look at how the finished animation is going to look. What would be fantastic is if there were a utility that would let you draw larger than 1-tile objects, and show you the animation- then save them in ZQ-friendly order in a .til file.

Seems like this should be possible if you can make a tile editor, no?


04-22-2002, 02:17 PM
That's part of the editor. It will be able to edit the animations. And it will be able to view them.

04-22-2002, 04:49 PM
Yes, but I mean, animations bigger than just a single tile. For instance, say I draw a 4x4 creature, and I want to animate him spinning around. Currently I'd have to draw and animate each tile independantly. Would your editor be able to let me draw the large 4x4 tile and animate the whole thing?


04-22-2002, 04:56 PM
Ahhh, I see what you're saying. Yes, I believe there is a way that I can do that. Thank you for your suggestion. I will definately see what I can do about it.

04-22-2002, 06:07 PM
Will we be able to recolor large chunks of tiles at once? This would be the most helpfull tile editing function I could possibly imagine.

04-22-2002, 06:20 PM
I believe I could be able to do that too. Any more Suggestions?

04-25-2002, 06:32 AM
That sounds good. I'd certainly like a way to recolor large numbers of icons without doing them each individually. Perhaps you could have a few preset templates for the premade graphics packs, so I could convert enemy tiles from one to the other easily.

04-25-2002, 11:51 AM
What about that we can edit more tiles at once?

04-25-2002, 03:05 PM
unfortunately, allegro menus only enable you to open one window at a time, especially with as many processes that are going on. from what i've read, it could slow your computer down pretty good.

In regards to the templates, I have to add a file called custom1.til. Of which, it will be a full tiles file. I was thinking of adding the best of tiles around into one file, just a thought.

04-25-2002, 03:31 PM
I'm tellin ya man... Adding the ability to at least recolor several tiles at once would make you a god to me...

04-25-2002, 03:52 PM
Like I said, I will try. But I still need to wait for DN to get me the tile format. otherwise, I'm caught up in how the program will run, I may change some things, but I don't know, till then, I'll try some new things to add.

Dark Nation
04-25-2002, 04:01 PM
I will try to get you the file format tonight. I've jut been swamped recently with my final project for my AI class.