View Full Version : AZC Beta reports will be back in no time.

03-15-2002, 02:51 PM
That's right.

Basically here's how it will work...

A thread will be started here, closed and pinned. From there I will be keeping you up to date on every beta release when it happens! Reports will work build to build, and it will contain all additions, retractions, and bug fixes... so basically you get everything but the beta itself :p

Once again thanks out to DN for being open to the idea, and look for this to start over the weekend.

ZC mods, Orion, and Alpha:

If you would like to once I get this ball rolling feel free to help out if you like by adding to the reports if you see a new beta before I do.

also what can we do about unfreezing a coupole topics here? i can understand the windows xp related but how long will the others be here?


Because of the thourough nature of these reports you must keep in mind that all additions are not final!! anything could be dropped at anytimwe, but at least this way you will get up to dat info regarding these changes.

03-15-2002, 03:29 PM
As I've posted in the beta forum, I already removed one pinned topic here; another will be unpinned presently, as I need to do some other bookkeeping based on said topic. The others are a temporarily-pinned topic, which will later be replaced by the full-fledged topic (which will sit there for a few months, mayhaps), and a Windows XP-related topic posted by WL himself, which I will leave up unless he thinks it should be unpinned (I'm not questioning the forum owner on that topic, as I see why it's pinned).

But trust me; I'm in school sometimes around 7 a.m. I won't have a problem putting any new beta information in such a pinned topic. It's almost like my "Get ready..." thread, where I already posted the info from the betas since 104; of course, it's not a beta reports topic, but yeah... :)