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03-12-2002, 12:00 PM
i haven't messed around with it yet, but i was just wondering if anyone knows how many tracks of mide can be played simultaneously (just HOW polyphonis is it) on ZC and is there a limit to the length of those midis?

03-16-2002, 09:15 PM
The number of tracks really isnt the issue with midi, it's more or less how many channels you can run simultaneously. You can have as many tracks as you want, but generally theres only a 16 channel base to run them on.

So the majority of midis you find will have only 1 instrument per track/channel.

If im not mistaken channels 1-9 are instrument channels 10-11 are drum channels and 12-16 are instrument channels.

So to answer your question, the tracks number possible is infinite, while the channels you are allowed to run them on is limited, usually to 16.

So at 1 instrument per track/channel..... 16 :)

Oh and as far as there being a limit to length of midi's in ZC, I don't think there is since it hardly takes any RAM to play midi files. But most midi files used in ZC are looped and no longer than a regular everyday song.

I had rewritten a few of the Sound & Drama songs for midi to play in ZC and those were maybe 3:30 tops (maybe 3 min looped)