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08-12-2000, 05:12 PM
I can't get Zelda classic to work. My computer has windows 98 on it and I just downloaded the latest version of Zelda Classic (v1.84) from Armageddon.com, and clicked on the .exe file which according to the directions given to me should have brought up the installation program. Instead, I got a message saying that the file contained invaild data. I allready have the agsetup.exe file from there and it worked. I don't understand this. If anyone has any help at all it would be greatly appreciated.

08-12-2000, 09:56 PM
wait for a reply from War Lord/Phantom Menace or email:



Or if your lucky, some1 else with the same problem will help you...

07-10-2002, 03:28 PM
You should redownload it and it will work thats what i did

07-10-2002, 06:23 PM
The latest full released version is 1.90. The latest beta is 1.92.
You should probably get 1.90 because i also run windows 98 and 1.92 looks all curved.

Elemental Knight
07-10-2002, 06:36 PM
I'm assuming neither of you noticed that this topic's almost two years old? The guy's problem's probably fixed by now.

07-11-2002, 10:57 AM

07-11-2002, 02:06 PM
1.84 is NOT the latest version of ZC....:tongue:

07-16-2002, 12:40 AM
why do people keep this topic alive?? oops...

07-16-2002, 12:54 AM
Ganondorf, this is the second topic I've seen you top like this. Please don't do that; some members find that annoying. And others still think it's a new post.