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  1. Bug Report Guidelines
  2. (Links) [2.55/2.60] GitHub Repo Bugs/Issues Topics
  3. 2.53.0: Old Version Bug: Wizzrobes Appear in Walls
  4. Bug Forum Clean-up Operation.
  5. Can't launch quest by double clicking .qst file
  6. Permanently disabled ? button
  7. Export->Package crashes on New Quest
  8. Crash when trying to change Overlay Subscreen Editor settings
  9. zplayer Cheat menu not properly refreshing checkmark toggles
  10. ZC submenu becomes disconnected from main menu when resolution multiplier is non-integer
  11. Really squashed duplicated OK and Cancel buttons
  12. [zplayer.exe] Screensaver preview doesn't dismiss menus and makes them green instead
  13. Bogus misalign reported when stair meets raftable water
  14. Credits... is greyed out
  15. [zeditor] Combo Alias dimension text boxes misaligned
  16. [zeditor] Enemy map data not reset when resetting all enemy data.
  17. [zeditor] Autosaving to nowhere?
  18. Unclickable U button
  19. Cancelling Grab in Palette Editor window Darkens background
  20. [zeditor] Crash-to-desktop when right-clicking Link To... in FFC Editor
  21. [zeditor] Freeze when selecting MIDI
  22. Negative chances in Item Drop Set Data window, especially "Nothing Chance:"
  23. [zeditor] crash-to-desktop in Debug mode when playing Wind Fish ambient music
  24. [zeditor] Tools->Preview Mode broken?
  25. Stuck MIDI keys when testing while already testing
  26. [zeditor] Can't give focus to Combo Flag search box
  27. ZScript Docs button does nothing
  28. All cheat levels available without having to enter any cheat codes
  29. Extra click required to set doors
  30. [zeditor] Switching to Fullscreen crash-to-desktop
  31. Stray black box on the 'Edit DMap' window
  32. Warp Ring Location previews are broken
  33. [zeditor] Link swim speed does not appear to change in Player Sprites window
  34. [zlauncher] Support ZC <3 dead link
  35. Tile Grab still does not work properly
  36. [ZScript] can't actually change entrypoint function name
  37. [zeditor] Map Copypasta Memory Leak
  38. All Quest Rules vanish from GUI
  39. [zeditor] Crash to desktop when switching to combo pool page #85
  40. Large weights not reflected in combo pool preview panel
  41. Select Enemy window looks bad
  42. Wrong combo selected on right click (Bottle Shop Types)
  43. [zplayer] Some hearts become white from left to right
  44. [zeditor] Bogus horizontal submenu appearing where Graphics submenu is
  45. [zeditor] White combo select square scrolls past bottom of combo lists
  46. FFC can straddle screen on South and East edge but not North and West