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  1. Leaving and entering a house again
  2. [RC3] FastCombo ignores CSet2 offset settings
  3. A bug with Arrays? [RC5]
  4. Alt-tabbing out of the program then returning, causes Tab to stick
  5. Can't set item position without selecting an item.
  6. Selecting where to place the curser while editing strings is not in sync with mouse courser
  7. Drop-down menu lists: Impossible to proficiently navigate via scrollbar/arrow buttons
  8. [2.50] 2nd.qst whistle bug?
  9. int[x] Checks Bug? (Or maybe just not wrote up yet?)
  10. Boomerang Bug
  11. Cheat Rupee Max is 3 Digits.
  12. Map starting tile bug
  13. Rock Type uses wrong Misc Value for size.
  14. Unable to activate raft.
  15. Push Blocks + Diagonal Movement
  16. Wallmasters can be Knocked towards center of room.
  17. Lens of Truth + Rafting
  18. Cant select item?
  19. Tile->Hide Unused misses Shield sprites.
  20. Copy-Move a tile doesn't change Weapons/Misc assignment.
  21. No ground enemy combo type does not work
  22. [2.50] Error loading 4th.qst: new quest version, please restart game
  23. Burn Flag Stopped Working?
  24. Bubble error
  25. Problems with using the raft in Sideview
  26. Bug with Hookshot in Sideview
  27. Possible bugs with String Control Codes and Counters
  28. Dodongo Bomb Trick does NOT work
  29. [2.50] Spacebar map breaks NES Dungeon locked doors
  30. [2.50] String reordering breaks info types.
  31. [2.5] Noclip + Swimming
  32. Possible Warp return bug
  33. Enemy wall bug.
  34. Bomb/burn trigger crossover effect
  35. Damage combos in Sideview
  36. Whisp Ring and Strength 0 Jinxes?
  37. Flippers can be broken in 2.51
  38. No Map Input After Pressing A
  39. The non-NES enemy weapon collision is still broken.
  40. Delay when entering stairs created by Whistle->Stairs if it is the only of the whistle flags checked
  41. Bubble Carrying Room Item
  42. Just an old issue I'm bringing back up...
  43. lweapon->Tile when set in an item script does nothing.
  44. Possible Subscreen Editor Bug
  45. Treasure Chests...
  46. Subscreen Editor Glitch
  47. ZScript Lexical Errors Don't Contain Filename
  48. Hookshotting into a whirlwind.
  49. Various bugs with combining push block flags
  50. Shields Block Ignored Weapons
  51. ZC 2.5 Stable (RC1) Boomerang bug again
  52. Fullscreen mode doesn't work on widescreen monitors
  53. Swimming Glitch
  54. Zc 2.50.1 rc2
  55. Take a look at this glitch here.
  56. [2.5.1 RC2] Free Shop Broken
  57. Item Hitboxes?
  58. Push blocks override screen flags in 2.50.1 RC2
  59. Reflected Magic Trigger on Magic Sponge combo used to work
  60. Smart Screen Scrolling
  61. F5 reveals hidden screens
  62. Ladder Not Going Away When Combo Changed
  63. Enemy Editor Glitch
  64. Old bug that still occurs in Preview Mode
  65. Lens always reveals Raft Bounce; disregards quest rule
  66. Problem with picking up special items in guy rooms
  67. Bug with Potion or Heart Room
  68. Subscreen Bug
  69. Another Sideview issue
  70. Framerate control?
  71. Tribble Bug
  72. Wizzrobes Appear In Dungeon Walls
  73. Weapon Collision Offest
  74. Large Lanmolas can leave the screen.
  75. Link->Jump not as documented.
  76. Passive Subscreen Item Bug(?)
  77. Byrna Beams Remain If Byrna Item Set to False
  78. Th ladder is broken as **** in side view gravity.
  79. DrawZOffset and HitZOffset
  80. Imprecise Scripted Collision
  81. [2.5x (all)] 8-Way Movement with USB Gamepads
  82. [2.50.2, probably 2.5x] Manhandla Claws Trace(n->ID) with Odd Values
  83. Diagonal Hookshot No grabby