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  1. Music plays at light speed on Ubuntu 12.04
  2. ZC Custom Quest Background Music Gone
  3. "Bow and arrow" item name doesn't show in subscreen
  4. Quest Rule: Weapon Animation Fix
  5. Pink Screen
  6. Animating Sword and Arrow Sprites don't work correctly.
  7. Animated Sword Beams
  8. Original Link Animation for Water
  9. [2.50] Shop price misagliment issue
  10. Music gets quieter after alt-tabbing and returning to the game
  11. Certain GBS files play out of sync
  12. NPC->Extend is glitchy
  13. [Visual] Freeform Combo Transparency
  14. Glitch with the Spinning Tile (Enemy Sprite) Enemy
  15. About the Grass Clippings Sprite
  16. ZQuest: Link Tile Extend bugged in 2.50 and 2.50 RC3
  17. Fullscreen Issue
  18. Enemy Animation Bugs
  19. [2.50.2] Glitched Sound Playback with Spin/Hurricane Spin Conflict
  20. No Sound at all