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  1. Item Location Crash
  2. Windows 8 Item Crash
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  4. Quest and Save data gone??
  5. Windows 8 loads all glitchy
  6. Screen Saver
  7. Having trouble starting Zelda Classic.
  8. Can't place items in ZQuest without crashing
  9. Fairy ring freeze.
  10. Critical Fullscreen and resoultion bugs in Windows Port.
  11. zc.sav error, have to replace it almost every time I play
  12. Problem with playing music in ZQuest.
  13. The DMap crash bug has returned!
  14. [Allegro?] If ScreenY == ZQ_WINDOWED_SCREEN_HEIGHT -> Quit
  15. Black Screen on Start
  16. [Hang/Data Corrpution, Windows] Adding an external display causes hang
  17. Keyboard issues on Windows 8
  18. 2.50.1 ZC/ZQ Freezes when Running for Long Duration / Refuses to Accept Input on Win 7
  19. Smart Scrolling - Crash if Nothing on Next Screen
  20. game will not run after launched from game launcher
  21. [Critical] Trying to set ComboS[] on layer 2 - ZC Terminates