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  2. Speed Up
  3. 4th Quest Sloppiness
  4. std.zh error "Boss Palettes"
  5. Mouse Courser sensitivity in fullscreen high resolutions (Not a ZC bug)
  6. Zelda Classic ignores preferred gamepad device
  7. Key Direction controls not working...
  8. ZQuest keys aren't mapped correctly
  9. ZQuest Help Document Typo
  10. [Default template] Some of the enemies' drop sets are wrong
  11. Screen->DrawInteger truncates input value.
  12. Indexed Palette Grabbing
  13. ZC hangs when losing focus while a drop-down menu is open
  14. Zquest item bug.
  15. SetLayerComboF sets D on layer 0
  16. Equipment item flag can still be checked for Letter or Potion and Bow and Arrow Classes
  17. ZQuest's Favorite Combos not updating after inserting combos.
  18. Charged hammer attack hits wrong area when moving during charge
  19. Empty quest tries to autosave
  20. Crash Upon Clicking Item
  21. Wizzrobe transparency cycling not oworking properly on HD computers
  22. Windowed mode, vsync stutter, DWM (Vista+)
  23. ZC Crashes after Link picks up sword!
  24. SetDMapEnhancedMusic resets dmap subscreen to Active Subscreen (Triforce)
  25. SizeOfArray() issue
  26. Error in Zscript documentation regarding Itemdata class.
  27. ZScript Documentation Flaws, Errors, and Inconsistencies
  28. Build Numbering
  29. Allegro Reporting for Screen->Load Indices
  30. Invalid tile format encountered.
  31. ZASM Output Error
  32. Combo Detection; Link May Cheat-Walk while Screen is Scrolling (8-way Movement)
  33. [2.50.1] [Win7] Selective Senility?
  34. Ability to edit password protected quests
  35. ZQ Crashes on Page down in opening quest in tilepage
  36. Problem with mass-making combos from tiles in ZQ
  37. Windows 10 video output issues
  38. [2.50.0, 2.50.1] Lanmolas Cause a 'Kill All Enemies' Effect
  39. Logitech F310 Minor Issue
  40. [2.50.x] Setting Power of 'Magic Book' Does Not Affect Fire Damage
  41. Mouse courser visibility
  42. Unresponsive ZC if gamepad is removed while rebinding buttons
  43. Hammer Pounding effect can be in wrong location
  44. Change equipment when changing screens bugs it
  45. [2.5.1] [Win7] Seems to Steal Trackpad Input (libraries)
  46. Midi music channels reset when focus is lost
  47. Problem with lockblocks in sideview screens.
  48. Game won't start from where I saved it or from where I continue it.
  49. Scripted Lweapon bomb explosions and "Link`s bombs hurt Link" quest rule issue
  50. [2.50.1/2] Spin Attack Magic Cost Glitches
  51. Link Missing in Game Menu
  52. [2.50.2] Negative Max Float Error?
  53. Up + AB to Quit
  54. [2.50.2] [Windows 8.1] [Report] ZC Viewer Crashes, Graphical Bugs, Fullscreen
  55. [2.50.2] Setting LA_HOPPING on Land Freezes ZC
  56. [2.50.2] SizeOfArray() does not work on ffc, item, weapon, itemdata types. Also Trace() on these typ
  57. [std.zh]CenterX and CenterY functions disrespect offset values
  58. Sword Power Changing Eratically
  59. Update NES graphics palette