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  1. The quest for a new example quest
  2. "NeoFirst.qst" Planning.
  3. NeoFirst's Goals:
  4. NeoFirst forum
  5. My suggestions regarding NeoFirst
  6. NeoFirst Progress Tracker:
  7. The First Dungeon: Theme.
  8. The Problem With 256 Color Mode:
  9. music suggestions
  10. NeoFirst Overworld Map:
  11. Slash and Double Magic?
  12. First build deadline?
  13. Level 2 Planning:
  14. Credits: Music and Tiles List.
  15. 2x2 Link!
  16. Heal, Warp, Save Points:
  17. Apologies...
  18. Rakki Inquires: More than one Gimmick for L2?
  19. "Lockpick:"
  20. Cjc Proposes... an interactive overworld
  21. Locations of HPC's
  22. How's this for a final boss?
  23. The Tutorial Screens:
  24. Level 1 Progress
  25. The First Level Done, Demo inside
  26. Minor Detail: Chest Walkability:
  27. Overworld Warping System Deliberation:
  28. My NeoFirst idea
  29. Dungeon Ideas
  30. Screens From The Mystic Forest:
  31. Contest: Design the best subscreen(s)!
  32. Saving in NeoFirst:
  33. Speed it up guys
  34. Where's the most recent version?
  35. URGENT: NeoFirst Needs YOU!
  36. What will the "Quest Tokens" be?
  37. Quit with the "Only Custom Midis" plan?
  38. Vote for your favorite Passive Subscreen:
  39. Vote for your favorite Active Subscreen:
  40. NeoFirst's Intro:
  41. Name of the Fire/Ice Dungeon
  42. ... Okay ...
  43. A proposal for the last level (because it's never too early to plan)
  44. L2's Design: Choose one.
  45. What is the Forest Temple main boss, anyway?
  46. Where's the overworld design?
  47. Who Wants A Cave?
  48. Some thoughts about overworld-making
  49. Okay, start the caves...
  50. NeoFirst Story and Plot Tracker
  51. The Fire Boomerang and other items:
  52. Regarding the Duel with Zelda
  53. Here's what the overworld looks like so far
  54. Some notes about the dark/chaos/mirror world
  55. The Z Items?
  56. NeoFirst Music Tracker
  57. Ideas for Roc's Feather, Hover Boots, and Tiger Scrolls?
  58. Wanted: Jumping and shieldless Link sprites
  59. The NeoFirst quest file so far
  60. A brief note about the "Rival" (L2 Miniboss)
  61. Exactly what items are going to be sold at the Subrosian Market near L-2?
  62. New DoR Link in the works
  63. So... composed any more music lately?
  64. Okay, who has it now?
  65. Ice Volvagia and Fire Volvagia.
  66. Are there any shop slots available?
  67. Interactive Element Conventions
  68. So....
  69. Stealing ideas from other people's discussions
  70. NeoFirst Dungeon Tracker
  71. The Final Battle
  72. Custom Equipment Ideas
  73. great job!!
  74. The first 8 minutes of gameplay
  75. Scripted items (Water and Bottle)
  76. NeoFirst Item/Equipment Tracker
  77. Progress?
  78. For The Love God, Please!!
  79. NeoFirst Tile Shopping List
  80. Upgrading to DoR 1.9
  81. Fishing Line, and Moon Tower
  82. Let's fight minibosses!
  83. NeoFirst Development Diary
  84. The Forest Temple's boss
  85. Let's explore the Forest Abbey!
  86. Is this still going on?